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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

How to be Me - Secrets of a Fulfilled Woman

A blogger who writes to 5 active blogs with different niches, a "mompreneur" who manages physical and online shops, a Customer Success representative to two different clients based in different countries (Australia and USA respectively), a Virtual assistant to a Real Estate owner in UK, an active church member, a mom, a wife...that's me!

People always ask me how do I manage to do all these things and they don't even see me complain. Yeah, a question and a compliment that I'm always happy to answer with the phrase..."I'm grateful for everything I have".

The Story

I was a typical woman who at an early age learned to provide for my own and to help my family to at least ease the not so good life that we had then. At seventeen I was already working in a fast food chain as I needed to raise money for my tuition fee for the coming semester, but that was the original plan...when I started receiving money, I forgot about my education and I was employed from one company to another until I finally realized that I was forgetting the main purpose why I had to work. At the age of 20, I enrolled into a Computer school to pursue my dream to become a computer expert. Working and studying are two very important things that are too hard to do at once, after a semester of sacrifices, I gave up and shifted to an Integrated school. Since it was hard to do  computer learning remotely, I switched onto a course that is next to my first love... Journalism, and that was the beginning of the story.

The beginning of the story
I was a frustrated writer, I still remember when I would persistently force my cousin to bring me to the publication that he works for so I can submit my story just to be rejected by their editor repeatedly (but thanks to my cousin who believed in my talent). Thanks to those rejections, they made me push harder in order to prove that one day, I could write and my stories could reach the world. That's how determined I was and I never regret it! When blogging started to become popular, I was urged to follow the flow and started my own blogs, now I am able to write and publish articles and make them reach thousands of readers around the world. Aside from publishing posts to my own blogs, I also publish my pieces to an Australian blog that I work for.

How I was able to penetrate to freelancing

Believe me when I say, it was not easy! It was three years of never ending failures before I finally won a job. I started in Odesk (now Upwork). Since 2011, I was sending applications, customized cover letters to employers but to no avail. in 2014, I changed my approach to employers, I started pointing them to my blogs to show them my writing skills and that was very effective! I won't ever forget the very first contract I had with Odesk,  it was a writing task and I made sure that I would give my 101 % to make that project successful and I did not fail. From the very first 5 star rating that I got, I was able to maintain my good profile status in Upwork. Now I am one of Upwork's top rated freelancers, with 100 % job success rate, 58 completed jobs, and three active long term contracts. I'm not writing these things to brag but to serve as an inspiration. I couldn't ask for more, but I can do more :)

The urge continues
The beginnings have been told and that did not end there. As I mentioned earlier, I was very aggressive that I never wanted to stop even I've finally got what I really wanted. I started to follow the flow and was able to become a "self proclaimed" entrepreneur. With the help of my husband, we were able to set up our physical store that we named "CME Merchandise" to which we deliver goods in wholesale price. We were also able to set up our online shops as well and this is what we're busy about lately.

How Do I manage to be me
Love for work, love for the family, valuing people who trust my capabilities, trust in myself and faith in our creator...these are the things that keep me going. When you'll count the things I needed to accomplish everyday, you would think that I'm living an abnormal life. No! I still have a very normal life! I have social life, I can still get along with friends, I have lots of time to bond with my kids, in fact I'm a hands-on mom who doesn't have any household help.

Time Management
Proper time management is the best key to organize schedule everyday. I can work the whole week except on weekends as I save these days for my family and church (Sundays). I put everything in my organizer to track my accomplishments and to remind me the things that still need to be done.

Family support
We work as a team. I am blessed to have a very supportive husband who builds dreams with me. We have the same sets of mind, same goals that we work together to make them come true and we have proper "division of labor". He takes care of the kids while I do my work and he manages our physical store as well and leaving all the online shop and pages tasks in my care. Aside from those, I teach my kids to do simple household chores not necessarily because I want to lessen my work load but to teach them the value of being part of the family as well. I want them to learn to do basic tasks in order for them to be independent. Time will come, they'll be needing to go on their way without me, at least they'll know how to manage to do it on their own.

Now, being me is not an easy role but believe  me, I am a fulfilled woman because I was able to do everything that I wanted to do. Above all these, I can be with my family 24/7, the thing that I love doing most more than anything else.

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