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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

My Foton Gratour After-Buy Experience

I've been dreaming of having my own car, and as a person who was not born with a golden spoon in my mouth, this dream took so long to come to reality. It took so long for me and my husband to decide what car should we buy because there are a lot of important things to consider like: budget, purpose, area for parking and the size of the family. So we came up to analyzing these four important things and we ended up buying a Foton Gratour.

This model provides passengers with convenient sliding doors on both sides, allowing convenient entry and exit. The folding third-row seats can maximize the space whenever needed. Foton Gratour is powered by FOTON's 1.2 L G03 gasoline engine which is very efficient as a diesel powered vehicle.

Even though, there are a lot different car models that are very tempting to buy, we opted to buy this car because it complies with the four factors that we need to consider. Foton Gratour current price as of November 2017 is 510,000 which is good enough for a seven-seater multi-purpose minivan.

Gratour has four variants: Amber Bronze, Aurora White, Metallic Silver, Starry Blue, and Space Gray. I chose Amber Bronze as it is more attractive to my eyes than any lighter colors available for this model.

Yes it is a 7-seater van but it can be customized to 8 person load. With its foldable back seats, you can load your cargo inside and it's very useful for delivering goods for sellers like me which is the same reason why we chose Foton Gratour as it is perfect for the family and for our business as well.

Basic Vehicle specification:
Engine: G03 - 1.2 L
Displacement - 1,206 cc
Transmission - 5 speed manual
Fuel type - Gasoline
Steering - Mechanical and Power steering with EPS
Seating capacity -  7-seater
Number of doors - 5 doors (2 sliding side doors)
Aircon - Front and rear airconditioning
Windows - remote control power windows
Others: FM radio + USB
see Gratour for more information

Good Reviews of Gratour Users

One of the main reasons why we chose Gratour is the good reviews. Every time I plan to buy anything, whether it is small or big amount, I would always turn to groups, forums, blogs and read numbers of reviews of the product that I plan to buy. After reading 5 or 6 reviews, I would compare them all and from there I could make my decision whether to buy or not. When it comes to reviews, I don't go for those sites who would only provide reviews based on their technical knowledge, most of them are paid posts and I don't want to rely my decision on them. For me, it's better to join private groups who actually experienced using the product or those bloggers who blog based on their experiences. So far Gratour has amazing reviews from users and I want to share  one of the posts that I read in a group of Gratour users and I quote...

"Our ride yesterday with my beloved Gratour: Aparri to Manila via Ilocos, loaded with 6 adults 2 kids & 100 kilos of cargo, almost 48 liters of unleaded gasoline"

Since our Gratour is very new and we don't have much experience to share, I would just end this post by saying "so far, so good and I'm very satisfied!" I will update this post once I have new information to add.

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