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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

I Paid My Debts from being a Work at Home Mom

How I started as an Online Freelancer

It was five years ago since I began my exploration about online freelancing. At first, it was really hard to persuade my self that earning on the web could be conceivable. I tried submitting cover letters and applications to some known online workplaces like Elance, Guru, RareJob and Upwork, I simply quit trusting that these sites are legit as I never had any opportunity to land even a solitary position in spite of the quantities of applications I've sent. To make the story short, I gave up!

The Unforgotten Promise
When I got married, I made a promise to myself, I will never be a plain housewife. Please don't get me wrong since I have nothing against being a plain housewife yet I trust this title just has a place with the individuals who were born rich or the individuals who have found fortunate partners in life. They, in fact, don't have to work to have a decent life. My situation was different in compared to them, my husband was working in a company as a warehouse supervisor that time. The compensation wasn't that good, and we had no other options, however, to acquire loan from the organization's loaning association just to survive. We were able to live that way...loan, earn and pay, it's been a chain response for a while until we, at last, understood that what we were paying was the interest alone and the capital of the obtained cash was still in place.

Being in a troublesome circumstance made me reconsider online jobs. I needed to act to spare our financial status. Being a mother of 3, without anybody to depend on to help me with the children, landing a position has been a battle so I got into the internet looking once more. I told to myself that this could be the only possible way for me to help my husband to provide for the family while dealing with being a hands-on mom. This time I was aggressive, I saw a different me and I loved what I was seeing.

The first thing I did was e-learning, I enrolled in various free online courses which are identified with web based outsourcing, for example, Data Entry, Transcribing, Virtual Assistance and General administrative support. While studying, I began practicing what I have learned and this time, in a more suitable manner.

To make the story short, following 2 years of being reluctant about it, I had my first project in Upwork and from that point on, the offers kept streaming. I likewise had some transient projects with Elance (now converged with Upwork), and Guru.

Tips on How to Become a Successful Freelancer
  • Most importantly, know your capabilities. Your aptitudes are your main capital in this industry, you need to create and include more however, much as could reasonably be expected. 
  • On the off chance that you think your abilities don't have any significant bearing to freelancing, learn it! Much the same as what I did, I used to work in manufacturing company doing some basic paper works and monitoring the production line and these tasks are exceptionally different from what I am doing now. So I searched for online course providers and there are heaps of them on the web, you can try Alison, Coursera, Udemy and GO1. 
  • Trust in yourself, no further clarification as the explanation discloses to it all.
  • Be patient, nothing you can get in only a snap of your fingers. On the off chance that you invest time, effort plus involve your heart in everything that you do, nothing is impossible! 
  • Continuously have a positive disposition. Always remember that attitude plays an imperative role to one's success. When you're applying for a job, you're going to make the very first impression with your attitude so make the most of it. A person with a good attitude has the scope of considerations in regards to their business. They are continually searching for better ways to deal with critical thinking and approaches to improve a work environment that will profit everybody inside an organization. 
  • Aim for being at your best and consider earning as just a bonus. Along these lines, you are building your reputation and very good relationship with your clients and without knowing it, you are building an awesome profile status and profit will keep on flowing.
  • Pay it forward. Each time somebody would ask me to mentor them, I don't neglect to advise them that once they get to be successful,, they ought to show proactive kindness or help other individuals by sharing tips cause I trust that once you turn into a gift to others, you will forever receive blessings.
If you will ask me how my life is going ahead after right around 3 years of being a freelancer, I am extremely glad to say that my husband had finally quit his job as a Warehouse supervisor and is currently doing his own business from the of fruits of my hard work as a freelancer. I have one regular job as a Customer Success Representative in an Australian company and two other part-time employments in Upwork. Our life is going smoothly, we can provide for the children, better than we could then and most of all, we have lots of quality time together as I do my work at home while my husband has a little space in our area for his business.Freelancing may not be for everybody, but rather once you heard your heart saying "go for it" then you ought to take after what your heart says. That is all and Good Luck!

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