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Saturday, July 15, 2017

5 Personality Traits Must Haves to be a Successful Work At Home Mom

Before you can confirm whether working at home matches with your personality, you have to understand what are the personality traits that a work at home mom should have. You could also ask yourself a question such as "Why do I need to do this"? "Am I fit?" or "Can I really endure working at home"? If you can answer these three questions, then you can now proceed to find the other important personality traits of a work at home mom who usually succeeds.

What are the personality traits must haves to be a successful WAHM

Introvert - most successful freelancers are introverts. Introverts can do better when they're alone. Introverts are readers and reading is a great way to gain more knowledge at your own expense. If you are planning to work at home, you need to spend adequate time for learning whether online, from books or any other similar tools. Based on studies, introverts can store data in their brain longer that an extrovert can do and this is a very big advantage in doing jobs at home where no one will be there to tell you what you need to do. All is about is self-learning, quick pick-up from employer's brief and one-time instruction (mostly applies with freelancing).

Self-starter - You should convince yourself to work and complete tasks even at your laziest moment. If you can't do this, then working at home might not be the path for you. As a WAHM, you won’t have a manager or anyone around to keep you on track and moving ahead. Everything relies on your initiative. You don't have to be easily distracted with children around or household chores, in times like this, priorities should be set straight, no ifs no buts. Some mothers handle this with ease (include me :) while others find it very difficult to focus because they are distracted by other things which resulted in leaving tasks undone and employees won't like that.

Positive Attitude - many personality traits define positive attitude, actually, almost all traits mentioned here are an example of a positive attitude. However, I still want to mention some that I have missed. A person with self-discipline is an example of a positive attitude. Ability to accept criticism is also a good example of a person with positive attitude. Test yourself, if you have the ability to do this, then you are a person with positive attitude and you can be a successful WAHM one day.

Patience - patience is really a big word which means, you can wait for the perfect time, for the big break and timely opportunity. A person should know how to accept rejections and failures as most freelancers experience these before they achieve real success. Never rush for a thing, with perfect time and enough preparations, you can eventually land a perfect opportunity for you. The magic phrase is "Do not give up!"

Love for Learning - a person who loves learning is engaged to new information and skills.

What are the jobs that can be done at home?  - These easy work-at-home job ideas will help you earn cash in no time. With no particular order, based on your personality, you can try one of these:

1. Online Selling - selling stuff online is the easiest way to earn money while at home. Many moms already find this business as the most convenient work at home job. You can use your social media accounts to market your products, most people use Instagram and Facebook.

2. Baking - if you are into baking then this job is for you. Many women earn a decent income by baking and selling them through simple advertisements like flyers, text and online. You can do it by just sharing it with your friends and when they're happy with your products, they will tell their friends about it and you'll gain more customers. This business can be done without putting up a physical store however, most successful bakers ended up owning a restaurant or coffee shop once become popular.

3. Direct Selling - although you'll sometimes need to go out and find customers, this business can still be considered as a home - based job as you can manage your time between your work and your family, time is very flexible, it depends on you how you will do it.

4. Real Estate Selling - one of the most popular jobs for women nowadays. In this business, you need to have a great sales talk, you have to be conversational, friendly and never afraid to deal with different types of people. You can do this by email marketing, telecommunication, text, online and anything possible to attract a buyer.

5. Freelancing -  With rapid progressing technologies it's now easier than ever before to move into freelancing. It is a fact that the  demand for remote workers from all over the world is continuously growing and that makes freelancing grow very rapidly as ever before.

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