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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Natural Remedy for Common Hair Problems

As a work at home mom who does all the household chores while doing my job at home, I can say that I am stressed at times and when I'm stressed, that's when I experience hair problems. I don't go to salon as this is very time consuming for me. However, I have tried a home service for hair rebond and the recent trend which is Brazilian blow-out.  Yes I've tried them both and they are nothing but a temporary glory for me. At first, my hair was perfect but it was not that good at the second treatment, that was a year after the first.

Hair Treatment Effects

Hair rebonding made my hair dull and the strands became very thin and very breakable so I decided not to have a third one but tried brazillian blowout instead which only lasted for weeks. My hair used to have that natural curl which is admired by many as it looks like it was curled by a hair dresser. But when I started treating my hair with chemicals,  the natural curls have gone and my hair becomes wavy, freezy and dull. Regret is always at the end of the story so I just had to accept it and look for a remedy for my hair problem.

I think I also need to say that rebonding also caused gray hairs, well that's my own observation. I could trust my genes as both of my parents and relatives don't have gray hairs not until in their 60s but when I started rebonding my hair , I  noticed those gray hairs started to show up to think that I was just in my mid thirties that time. I was alarmed and put all the blame to the chemicals that were applied in my hair during the treatment.

Most common Hair problems

Hair Loss - as women get older, the main problem that we  encounter is hair loss or thinning hair problem. Though hair loss can be sometimes associated with lack of vitamins, pregnancy or chemicals that we use, as we reach the age of 40, losing hair becomes a common problem for us women. Hair Loss  due to aging is different from a genetic reason of hair loss. Genetic Hair Loss can be inherited and may strike people at their early twenties or earlier onwards while hair loss due to aging can be prevented to attack at an early stage if you only know how to take care of yourself.

Hair strands thinning - it can be caused by overused of hair chemicals, too much ironing and lack of vitamins.

Dull and feeezy hair - due to chemical effects or lack of vitamins.

Natural Treatment for Common Hair Problems

There are many ways to treat your hair naturally and yes I tried almost all of them but there is one natural way that revived my hair completely:

  1. onion + olive oil + honey  misture - Why onion? Onion is rich in sulfur which is the main building blocks of hair. It improves blood circulation and it nourish the hair follicles for them to become healthy.  Onion is also an anti bacteria that fights scalp infections that might contribute to hair loss, graying and thinning. So if your problem is gray hair, hair loss and thinning hair, onion mixture is the best natural medicine to resolve these problems.
  2. egg white + olive oil + honey mixture. -Why egg white? If your problem is dull and freezy hair, then egg mixture is the best remedy for you. Egg white is rich in protein, vitamins, essential fatty acids and antioxidants. These nutrients are very essential to help repair dull and freezy hair leaving a silky and shiny locks to your hair.

Honey -  it can provide a seal to your hair that locks with moisture and conditioner. Honey can reduce breakage and improves hair growth.

Olive Oil - in just a few uses, olive oil can make your hair smooth and your scalp healthy up to the roots

Preparation: (do the same for Egg mixture)

  • get 1 medium sized red or white onion. Grate or use blender to get the onion juice.(For egg mixture, separate the egg yolk and mix the white with honey and olive oil)
  • blend the juice with 1 tbsp. of honey and 1 tbsp. of olive oil
  • massage the mixture thoroughly into your scalp all the way to the tips of your hair
  • Wrap with hot towel or shower cap
  • Leave for at least one hour
  • Wash with mild shampoo. I use Moringa O2 Herbal Shampoo as it is very natural and mild. 
  • Put on the conditioner. This is optional as when I don't need to go outside, I just use shampoo alone but when I needed to have a softer hair, I use Moringa O2 conditioner. I trust this brand as I have tested it and I've been using it for years. (Note: This is not a paid post, just an honest review)
After my bad experiences with chemical hair treatments, I just wanted to get my healthy hair back. I don't mind if it's curly or wavy as long as my hair is healthy, that's enough for me. I can always iron my hair if I wish to have it straight for a while or curl it naturally anytime I want. Hair rebonding is totally out of the picture now. I'll focus in pampering my hair with natural treatments at the same time, I am saving a lot of money! :)

I hope it helps!

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