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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Everything You Should Know About Chicken Pox

chicken pox from day 3 to day 8

This past few weeks have been so hard for my 9-year-old daughter as she got this seasonal skin infection called chicken pox. Chicken pox is not dangerous except for some severe cases. Although chickenpox is common and can be treated at home, this type of virus is very contagious and the patient needs to be quarantined as much as possible which is very hard to do to for a child who really loves playing with siblings.

What is Chicken Pox?

Chicken Pox or Bulutong tubig in tagalog is caused by the varicella-zoster virus (VZV) and it is never treated with antibiotic. Kids who have it might have red small itchy red spots on day 1 and it usually starts appearing on the neck, chest and back.These spots will blow into blisters filled with clear fluid. New blisters and rashes may appear on the body, face, mouth at the same time and it will continue up to 7 days (or more depending on its severity) After a week, old blisters will become dimpled at its center and some of the blisters may begin to mature one by one. An old and mature blister will change its color from clear to white and as days passes by, these white blisters will dry and will become crusts.

My children have been vaccinated with routine childhood immunization except for varicella. The reason why I did not include this for my kids is the fear that giving them chickenpox vaccination could increase the risk of chickenpox during adulthood and be more prone to complications.I don't encourage anyone to take my opinion seriously, we have different point views and mine is a personal belief.

From day 9 blisters and crusts have gone, my daughter felt itchiness and I used hand or clean cloth mild touch to relieve itchiness. I've also read in one article online that it is safe to use warm water with small amount of salt to relieve itchiness (research more for safety). Some use antihistamine to treat allergies but I chose to use the natural method to be safer. During the 2 weeks of having chicken pox, I give my child an extra dose of vitamin C as vitamin C is best for skin and it can speed up the recovery as it has the power to boost our immune system.  Fruits like apple, oranges, banana are also a great help to your child's fast recovery.

Facts A bout Chicken Fox

  • It is a virus is also known as varicella
  • Chicken Pox is highly contagious
  • The virus spreads easily through air or direct contact
  • Chicken pox is common which may affect almost everyone by adulthood
  • Adults have the higher rate of having complications
  • Chicken pox can be treated with antiviral medication within 24 hours of appearance (read more...)
  • Chicken pox can be prevented with varicella vaccine (read more...)
  • It is safe to take a bath even when the patient's body is obviously covered with spots (read more...)
  • Crusts and Blisters should not be peeled off to avoid scarring

After 2 weeks, my child had recovered and completely healed. I kept on reminding her to avoid scratching that may hurt or peel the crusts. Crusts should peel off naturally once it is completely healed. I never had any problem taking care of my child with chicken pox or I should say that I am just very lucky to  have an obedient child who follows what I say.

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