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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Top Reasons Why I Don't Buy Sachet Products

Sachet products are good and I don't have anything against buying sachet products as this is the easiest and most convenient way of buying our favorite brands. They are usually accessible in our favorite sari-sari stores and we could buy them for coins.Example of products that we can bought in sachets are toothpaste, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, condiments and ready to eat foods.

In a Guardian article, entitiled "Sachets help low-income communities but are a waste nightmare" it says that although sachets have brought better quality products to poor communities, it becomes a nightmare as it adds tons of garbage in the landfill. Sachets are made of plastic and as an environmental advocate, I minimize the use of plastics in our home as much as possible. I have reasons why I don't buy sachet products and I want to share these reasons to give a few tips to help protect our environment and for saving money as well.

Why I don't buy sachet products.

1. Messy - yes and I am referring to shampoo and conditioner sachets. Every time I check on our drainage, there are small parts of sachets that are blocking  on the waste water passage and this is too annoying that I always had to pick those small pieces to place in the garbage. Aside from this, sachets could easily fill our small garbage can in the bathroom and since it's wet, I always had to monitor it to avoid insects to mutate within it.

2. Inconvenient - you can't use it without scissors. I don't let my kids to open sachet with their teeth as I believe it is not good to use our teeth for cutting. Teeth are designed for biting and chewing foods and not for opening sachets. I used to have scissors inside the bathroom and I could't help to get worried that it can harm my kids so I just cut those for them which is not really good if I am busy doing my other chores or if I have something to rush at my work.

3. Uneconomical - it is unavoidable that some amount of products can be left within the sachets especially for shampoos and conditioners. It is also obvious that retailed product are less than what we can get if we buy in bulk or those big packaged products.

4. Non-biodegradable - plastic sachets are non-biodegradable, that means after using its content, the packaging ends up useless and we don't want these kind of trash to adds up in the mountains of trash that we currently have in the country and in regards to this, I could say confidently that I am not guilty as I was able to manage minimizing  this trash in our home, maybe not 100% but we will work on that in the near future.

5. I'll miss big discounts in sachet products - If you can afford to buy sachet products for everyday use, it is more possible that you can afford these products in big containers and I'm sure you can save a lot if you could make this a habit. Every time I go for a shopping in any supermarkets, I always go for the sale sections and I never failed to find my favorite household products on sale and they often come in big packaging and containers. I just don't buy foods on sale, although they are not expired yet but very near to its best before date and I don't want to put my family's health at risk.

I have here the picture of products that I've found on sale in my favorite supermarket just yesterday. If you'll notice they are different brands and products as my family is not united when choosing a brand. I just want to clarify that these products may not be on sale on other supermarkets. I chose to cover the brand name although I know all of you are familiar with some of these products, I just don't want this post to look like I'm flagging or something. You'll see how much I was able to save from these discounted products

These empty bottles are called "PET" or bottles made of polyethylene terephthalate which can be re-used and recycled. These are the reasons why I stopped buying sachet products and I want you guys think about it as well. Let's do our share to stop this world  to be buried in trash by making ourselves involved and aware of the harm that these trash can make to our environment, to our homes...to our lives.

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