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Sunday, November 6, 2016

I Love Lazada Because...

Shopping is a magical word that everybody loves to hear. Admit it or not, we moms are always fond of shopping and this is the best thing to relieve our stress, lift our emotions and sometimes to simply let the time pass. I am a typical mom who loves shopping but hate the road so much! You know what I mean, with all the traffic and fatigue that you'll get on your way to the mall or supermarket, it really drains me.

These are the reasons why I learned to love online shopping but it took time for me to get comfortable about it. Online shopping can sometimes be so risky and this is why I want to share things that I love about my favorite online store Lazada, to share my experience with them as a satisfied customer.I just want to clarify that this is not a paid post or whatsoever. Lazada is a big e-commerce that does not need a flagging from a blog like mine so everything I say about them comes from my personal and honest opinion.

Why I Love Lazada?

1. Customer protection - There was a time when I ordered for a smartphone and I was too lazy to read the reminders that the product may take a week or two to arrive. So I ordered that phone and when I thought that the product really took so long to come, I ordered another smartphone (different model form the first) which arrived the next day after my order was placed. After two weeks, the first smartphone that I ordered had arrived and I didn't want to have two new phones at a time so I refused to accept that phone and told the courier that I already got my second order. Thinking that it was my sudden change of mind, I thought that I needed to pay the delivery charge but I was wrong, I was so amazed that I can cancel my orders anytime for any reasons and that's really a great way of protecting their customers. I just want to remind my readers to please not to imitate my actions as it is not a good example, be a responsible shopper all the time instead.

2. Free Delivery - Lazada offers free delivery fo every 1000 purchase and above. Every time I order to Lazada, I always make sure that I reached the 1000 minimum purchase to get my products free of delivery charge. Lazada charges 99 pesos for purchases below 1000.

3. Reasonable price - I find some products in Lazada that are cheaper than what we can buy from traditional stores. I can name some categories like electronics, kitchen and home and living products. You can always compare the price. To check, go to your favorite store, get the price and search the product to lazada and compare.

4. Wide variety of products - what I love about shopping at Lazada is that I can always choose the best and cheapest product as I can view all the varieties to compare.

5. Product ratings and reviews - There are also ratings to base my decision whether to buy a product or not. Product rating is coming from the customers who previously bought and used the product and I think they are authentic reviews. When choosing a product, I always go for a five star!

6. Fast Delivery - Lazada typically delivers 1-3 business days for local brands and 2-3 weeks for products that will be shipped from abroad which happened to my cancelled order. When placing your order, make sure to confirm the origin of product so you'll know when to expect or when to wait a little longer.

7. Cash On Delivery (COD) - even I have a card and a paypal account, I always go for COD. With COD, it's easier for me to cancel if there's a problem with the product. I always want shopping online to be secured, as much as possible. There are also instances that you'll buy products and they will be delivered partially, for cases like this, you will only have to pay for the delivered products which is different if you pay through credit card or any online payment mode.

There is only one disadvantage about online shopping and I'm speaking not for Lazada alone but in general. This is when the product you received is damaged or not functioning as expected and you needed to return it. It usually takes time to get your product again unlike with traditional shopping centers, you can easily return your product and get a replacement right away.

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