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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Should you buy an Electric Bike?

It's been a year since I bought my very first E-bike and I think it's a perfect idea to write a review about this product. I rarely write a review cause out of my busy days, I couldn't always find the perfect time and perfect mood to create a perfect article. 

It was March 2015 when I and my husband decided to have my own motorcycle. I knew how to drive a single but I was too afraid to hit the road aside from the fact that I never had a driver’s license, but my husband said that it’s about time to have a license so I can do a road trip with him cause he really loves road tripping with his single. I wish I am that tough to drive along the busy road but no thanks! I had no courage to take the risk.

I tried to convince him that instead of buying a motorcycle, why we don’t just turn to E-bike. I explained to him that electric bike is best for moms like me who likes to drive with kids at the back ride. Luckily, I was able to convince him so we went to the nearest electric bike dealer in our place and we found ourselves standing in front of beautiful and amazing electric bikes. We chose Romai because it has an easy to access shop that whenever we will need a repair or a spare part, it would be easy for us to get assistance.

I chose this violet Phoenix model because it has support at the back so if ever I want to drive with the kids; they are safe from falling behind. This e-bike can drive at a maximum speed of 40kph per hour which is very safe compared to motorcycles. And because I’m only able to drive within the nearest barangays, I really feel that this one is the best choice for me. This e-bike has a basket in front that is very convenient for buying things which is very helpful for moms like me who always needs to buy small stuff outside.

When it comes to battery life, this product is very economical as it only needs 6-8 hours charging that only costs 6 pesos per charging. A fully charged battery can drive up to 80 km and you can always use the pedals to save battery life.

Other features that you'll love about this bike are the hand brakes that's reliable as motorcycles. It also has side mirrors so you can check on the road behind you while running plus a loud horn to warn people the road. This bike also has a small compartment for your small stuff like tools and rain coat. 

Minor negative feedback 
Although I really love this bike and I don't regret buying it, there are some things that I don't like much about it. The first one is the heavy battery that I could not lift alone, although heavy battery sometimes means it's durable.The second one is the "no sound" effect when running that people won't even notice that you're coming. I prefer a little noisy bike so people would know that I'm arriving and be reminded to remain on the side, but I can always use the horn anyway.

After a year of using my E-bike there was no any single defect so far, every part is working, the battery is still working as new. The only secret is maintain the e-bike clean and always put cover when not in use.

I hope this article can help you decide whether you should buy an E-bike or not.

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