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Monday, July 20, 2015

The Death of Jiro Manio in Social Media

Social media is very powerful nowadays. It can easily spread news to millions in just a minute and it can kill a person in just a click.

This is what happened to controversial former child actor Jiro Manio. Jiro has been in the news in the past few weeks after he has been found roaming in NAIA terminal for days in a very miserable situation. Many celebrities, offered help to Jiro particularly Aiai delas Alas who took the initiative to put Jiro to where he should be where he can get proper care. Aiai has been very vocal to the public that she's been reaching out to some of her friends to help Jiro Manio.

Because of this issue, Jiro became the favorite topic in showbiz news, news blogs and social media sites. This is why opportunists took the chance to fabricate story about the death of the poor boy.

facebook shared post

This is the screenshot of the said post which is now spreading online. I just want to emphasize that this post is a HOAX! and if you ever see it in your news feed, don't ever share it and be an instrument to spread hoax links. ABS-CBN has no involvement in this issue, obviously the name was just used without consent. According to Ai-Ai via GMA news report, “Nasa facility po siya and nagpapagaling. Sana 'yung mga walang magawa diyan, 'wag na kayong mag-imbento ng kung ano-ano about kay Jiro. Let's just pray na mabilis na lang ang recovery niya at makita niyo na siya soon.” read full story here.

Always remember that when you click and share hoax links, you bring traffic to that site, the hoax creator will then earn from that traffic which he easily gained from fooling and using innocent people.

As a social media user, one should be responsible with what he reads, clicks and shares. Always remember that every human has the right for PRIVACY and RESPECT. Social responsibility should begin in your self, should be taught to your children and should be shared to everybody. Remember that time flies so fast, we enjoy it now and tomorrow our kids will.Will you allow them to use social media when you know that it was abused by the previous generation...? Think before you click!

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