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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

What is Fabricated Celebrity Scandal and How to Avoid it

I really hate it when blog owners post teasers involving celebrities to "fabricated" scandal. This morning, I saw malicious link in my Facebook news feed entitled " "Leaked video: Kris Aquino and John Lloyd Cruz scandal, Kumakalat sa Internet, Panoorin!" Allegedly, it's a video scandal of Kris Aquino and John Lloyd Cruz.

The link is a hoax! obviously, the couple in an intimate scene is not Kris nor JohnLloyd. They used the image below as a teaser.

Facebook screenshot

The site will ask you to share the link first to give you access to the video. Without realizing it, you are sharing this malicious link to your friends with some names tagged on, only to find out that you've been fooled by this post's creators.

It is very important to think twice before you click. Remember that the whole world is watching so it is very important to be cautious all the time. Have you experienced being confronted by a Facebook friend for tagging him or her in a porn link you shared on Facebook and you had no idea that you actually did it? This can really happen when you sometimes get curious about a "so called" scandal and you really wanted to find out if its' true, then the site asked you to share the links so you can watch the entire video, out of curiosity, you'll be gullible to do what the site instructed. Without knowing it, your account has already shared the said post and tagged your friends in it.

Many of our local celebrities have been victimized by "fabricated scandal" like Marian Rivera, Paulo Avelino and Bea Alonzo, Raymart Santiago and many other  celebrities. I am writing this post to give a little idea and tips how you can avoid such thing. First, don't just click! use your wise thinking before hitting the "share" button. Next, always consider the minors, I'm sure many of us have kids who are already exposed in Social media so think of them before sharing any posts. Lastly, ask your self about the importance of a post that you'll be sharing, if it will be a source of knowledge, hope and inspiration then it's really worth sharing.

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