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Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Unconditional Love of a Mom

Being Mommy is one of the toughest roles in this world. Have you ever experienced doing everything for your children, forgetting about yourself but left unappreciated? We moms consider first our kid's happiness before thinking about our own. I've been to that situation for years where I was not able to make money on my own because I needed to be with my children and make sure that they are all secured. I cried so many times for the things I failed to provide for them. 

I still can recall when my daughter was two and she wanted a hand puppet but I had no money to buy it, I made it on my own, I grabbed an old pair of socks and manually stitch it to be look  like a dog puppet. I also made her an angel because she really wanted to have one that time. My kids were my inspiration why I started a DIY recycling blog and I'm so thankful to them for making me a crafty mom.

My children were not demanding, they're not asking for too much, they know their limits and I made them realize that we're not that fortunate to have everything and I'm very proud of my children. However, this doesn't made me immune to pains that it caused. Seeing my children's frustrations is like a knife stabbing deeply in my heart and soul and this video reminds me so much about the past.

special thanks to uploader: Sirhc C.

We may all experience pains, frustrations and failures in  bringing up our kids, but if we will only be strong and keep on giving support, understanding and advice to our little ones, they will still grow up to be great individuals. Kids are kids, they have hang-ups, throwing tantrums without valid reasons and insisting to what they believe but in the end, they are our precious ones, we love them unconditionally and they will love us back for everything we've done for them.

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