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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Filipinos Fear that "synthetic Rice" entered the Philippine Market

Youtube screenshot

Fresh from GMA news: A business couple from Davao City brought the issue of an alleged "fake rice" to GMA news. Based on a report, the rice is white as the common rice we usually see in the market, but when they finished cooking it, it turned out to be a foam like texture, watch the full report here.

This news is very alarming, we read it all over the news that the "so called" fake rice is made of synthetic materials and can be very harmful to  our health. . In one of The Jakarta's post, it says that a girl in Medan, North Sumatra was hospitalized after eating a rice contaminated by synthetic materials. Although the post has no supporting documents like photos or video to prove the authenticity of the news, but it is pretty obvious that this can really happen to someone who eats food contaminated by  synthetic materials.

An alleged "synthetic rice manufacturing" video was posted in May this year on youtube and it circulated in various social media sites. The video shows a complete process of how an "alleged" synthetic rice is being processed. However, the said video gained so many criticisms particularly from people who knew what the process really designed for. Some experienced people say that the said manufacturing procedure is meant for a plastic manufacturing company which is called "pelletizing" a process of compressing or molding a material into the shape of a pellet. This process is designed to easily mold plastic products into it's best shape and texture.

One of the viewer's comments can question the video authenticity he says: "that is not a plastic rice. That is plastic seeds. Raw material to make various plastic product. This video is a normal plastic production on a standard plastic factory, nothing more. And the cost production is way more expensive than a normal rice. This video is fake"

and that comment was supported by another reader and says: "Agree it is polyamide probably nylon, you can get USD 1000 a ton why would anyone sell it as rice.. duhh"

Although the truth about the "fake rice" is still under debate, it is best to take all the pre-cautions to prevent such disgusting foods to enter in to our homes.

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