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Monday, May 18, 2015

Summer is not over yet, Laguna Private resorts to choose from.

Summer is not over yet! Yes mommies, we still have two weeks to enjoy summer and have quality time with our family. You don't have to go too far to enjoy the rest of the summer season, Laguna is less than two hours away from Manila and an hour away from Alabang.

During Summer, Pansol to Los Banos public and private resorts are the busiest tourist places here in Laguna. The hot spring water which many people believe to be therapeutic is the main reason why people in the nearby towns love going back here in Laguna. The natural hot spring water of Laguna, particularly in Pansol is believed to be an outlet of Mt. Makiling which many people believed to be a sleeping volcano. Based on the stories I've heard from the elders, the reason why Mt. Makiling is not exploding is because it has many outlets through hundreds of hot spring resorts around it.

Many residents here in Pansol earn from commissions by bringing customers to private and public resorts. If you see a man standing along the hi-way, holding a piece of wood with "Private Pool" written on it, they are the agents. You can ask help from them to find a private resort so you can save time searching for one and you don't have to pay them, but it's okay if you want to give them a tip. The commission for the agent will come from the resort owner after the customer paid the bill or once down payment is placed.

There are many beautiful and affordable hot spring resorts here in Laguna, but here are some of the resorts that will truly make your summer exciting and memorable.

Hot Spring Private Resort 1 - located in Pansol Laguna, 1 big room with 3 double decks and 2 small rooms with 1 double deck each, all are air-conditioned. Free to use videoke, billiard, ref, dirty kitchen and kitchen with additional 300 for the gas. There is a large pool with slide and 1 kiddie pool. The receiving area is large which can accommodate up to 40 persons. The price ranges from 6k-10k for 12 hours depending on the season and the number o persons. This resort is only 30 steps away from the National Hi-way and it's very convenient to travel through a public bus or private vehicles.

Hot Spring Private Resort 2- located in the boundary o Calamba and Los Banos. This resort is separated in to two, you can rent only one but you can also rent both for big events. Each part can be rented for 6-12 k for 12 hours also depending on the season and the number of persons to accommodate. Each resort has 1 large pool, large ground, free to use kitchen, ref and videoke. It has 4 rooms each with beds inside.

Hot Spring Private Resort 3 - this resort is located in Los Banos Laguna. It has a total of four rooms with beds and double decks which can accommodate up to 30 person, also has large receiving area, videoke, kitchen and ref. This resort cost 7-10 k depending on the season and the number of persons.

4-6 feet wide swimming pool. Bamboo Cottages.
Wide and safe Parking
with 4 rooms. Each room has 1 family sized bed and 2 double decks each deck is good for 2 persons.
24 hours 13 K
Whole day 6 am-6 pm 7k -10 k
Overnight 6pm-6 am 8k -10 k
Down payment: 1/2 non-refundable upon cancellation.

Tips in Choosing the Best Hot Spring Resort in Laguna:
1. It has to be reachable and travel friendly.
2. It should be near in establishments
3. It should have videoke, ref, kitchen, adequate rooms and beds
4. Avoid rush during peak season if you want to save money. Private resort cost during peak season is 30-50% higher so if you want to save money, book earlier.

You can contact 09279787151 for free booking or use our contact form to learn more.  No fees to be collected but 50% Downpayment is required to book.

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