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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Great Rewards from EverydayMe

I've got a big surprise this morning from Everyday Me! 12 pcs. of Safeguard Derma-sense facial wash and 12 pcs. of safeguard Derma-sense facial and body wash.

By joining the site's review contest, I was chosen to be one of the 100 lucky winners who received a  year supply of this wonderful product.

I was a regular user of Safeguard Derma-sense facial cleanser  even before the contest, that's why I decided to join. As a Mommy Blogger, I don't just join to win, I always make sure that I tested the product and proven its great effect before I write a review whether it's a short review to the site or to my blog.

Because I and my husband love this product so much, I was able to write a great and honest review through everydayMe's "write a review" contest...maybe this is why I was chosen :)

Safeguard Dermasense facial cleanser is  the only product that matches to my oily skin. I regularly use Safeguard Derma Sense facial cleanser before bedtime and in the morning, as I feel my face, I can really notice the big changes especially the freshness, smoothness in the absence of oil which I normally had without Safeguard Derma Sense. You can also ask my husband and he'll say that this product is really great and perfect for his sensitive skin.

EverydayMe regularly updates its members about the promos and rewards they offer. They also give free samples for their newest products and I was also lucky to have some of their free samples like Ariel and Pantene Conditioner. It's very easy to join at EverydayMe, just visit the site, register, see offers and write a review.

At EverydayMe, you will also get a chance to meet other users mostly are moms like me. So to my mommy readers and even dads, visit EverydayMe now to get a chance to win and try P&G's newest products only at EverydayMe.ph

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