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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Make your Toddler's Learning Easy and Fun with best Educational Toys.

We moms are too excited to watch our little ones learning at an early age of 2 or less, but teaching our playful kids can be so challenging and we need a very effective tool to make teaching and learning successful. It's always fun to bond with our little ones while teaching them the basics about colors, numbers, letters and shapes. I've compiled these exciting educational toys which are best tools to make our toddlers to achieve another milestones.

Lauri Shape & Color Sorter - recognizing shapes and color are the basics that we can teach to our kids at the age of two. Toddlers of this age are usually impatient and if you're thinking to teach using visual aids like books or other materials which can not be touched to play with, there's possibility that your kid will get bored. Try teaching him using this shape and color shorter. This shape and color shorter is an educational toy that will entertain preschoolers and offer years of safe, quiet play! It is recommended for kids 2 years and above, girls and boys. This pack contains an activity guide, wood peg and crepe rubber shapes that your kids will surely enjoy practicing color and shape recognition, sorting and matching games.

Earlyears Roll 'n Swirl Ball Ramp
- this five tier multi-colored ball ramp with three spinning activity ball perfect for your kids. This educational toy is recommended to children 9 months and up. The acrylic balls has colorful beads and shapes that produces fun and exciting noises while it rolls down . This toy can enhance your kid's motor skills, problem solving skills and cost and effect learning which is an excellent tool for your kid's mental and physical development. This baby toy is safe because it is made from phthalatePVC which is free from toxic materials and harmful chemicals.

VTech - Baby's Learning Laptop - kids love try to what grown-ups do. With this baby's learning laptop, your baby will feel that he's also a grown up that he can do what he mom does on her laptop and it will boost his self confidence. This baby learning laptop will teach your kids about common objects, shapes, music and feelings. The screen can interact on your kid's action by lighting up when the right key is clicked. It has a movable mouse perfect for little hands and volume control for quieter place.

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