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Friday, January 16, 2015

How To Protect your Online Accounts from Being Hacked

I’m a social media person; my day to day activity wouldn't be complete without these social media and other social networking sites. A typical blogger spends at least 3-5 hours per day doing web research, writing articles and posing updates to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus and others. Social media is doing a very special role to bloggers like me.

A week ago, Facebook developer blocked my FB account and the reason is attempted unusual login. I was not convinced that someone would bother to hack an account of a simple individual like me. What I did id to follow Facebook admin’s advice to change my password and choose a more complicated combination. After a few days, someone tried to hack one of my accounts in an online selling site and that made me bothered this time. The person who tried to hack my FB the same account is the same person who tried to purchase in my behalf and that was very alarming.

5 Tips to avoid your account from being hacked

1. Do not publicize your main identity – for social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it’s not really necessary to use your real name, you can use your first name for your friends to easily identify you, but use a different second name. This is to prevent strangers to extract information from your name.

2. Train yourself to log-out – for smartphone and I-phone users like me, I rarely log-out from my accounts but this will do harm to you in some situations. I was once a victim of a pick pockets and my cellphone was one of those stuff he grabbed from me. I was terrified when I saw someone’s posting in my FB account so using and y laptop, I change all the passwords before that evil change it to his advantage.

3. Do not use one password to all sites – as much as possible, use different emails and password to different sites you visit. It is also important that you use strong combination of numbers, letters, both capital and small. Following this advice will torture any anyone who will attempt to steel your identity.

4. Learn the precautions in using Online CafĂ© – public internet shops usually victimize users. The first time you log-on using different computers, do not hit “remember me” or “remember password” because even you logged out from that computer, someone could easily access your account by choosing your username in the drop-down menu of the user login bar.

5. Never Entrust you password to anybody – passwords are like underwear, it’s very private and you wouldn't want to show it to anybody you don’t trust. This is how we should secure our passwords to avoid it from leaking and b abused by evil creatures.

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