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Friday, January 2, 2015

How Pencil Networks Inc. Makes Parents to School Communication Easier

We parents always want to watch an eye over our kids. Despite of being very busy, we still find time to attend class meetings, know the school's agenda for our kids and be aware of different school activities inside and outside school.

I often see posts about different schools and their student's achievements on Facebook which I find very unethical. I really don't like children's innocent faces to publicized in social media, although it's a great thing to let people know every success and achievement that our children have in school. We parents are always proud of our children's every achievement but I believe that we should consider our kids' privacy sharing it to public.

As a busy mom, I have only limited time to attend class meetings or socialize with other parents and teachers. In my wild imagination, I'm thinking of a social network like Facebook that is designed only for students, school and parents communication. Because I'm a type of a proud mom who is not very confident in broadcasting my family's activity in social networking sites, I really wish, I can do it privately within a secure community.

This is my only concern..."Privacy" but I'm surprised that there is a real website that offers more than everything I need in a secure social networking site and that is Pencil Networks.

Pencil Networks. is a great communication tool for parents, students, teachers and other school's staff. Instead of using manual emails and spreadsheet, GetPencil eases the procedure of notifying concerned individuals for upcoming events like meetings, outdoor activities and other related school's activities. With just one click, using Pencil Networks application, the news can be spread throughout the whole community and anyone can commit to join using Pencil Networks application, watch complete video demo here and learn what you can do with Pencil Networks here.

Pencil Networks is really a big help for busy parents and also for schools to have better communication with them and with the other teams. With the help of Pencil Networks, parents can easily communicate with other parents and also they can easily contact other school's staff who use Pencil Networks application.

In the USA and some parts of Europe, Pencil Networks is already making its wave to help schools to have better communication with parents, how I wish they will also become available here in the Philippines, but that would be a lot of tech improvements to do in our part.

Right now, GetPencil is available for free download in GooglePlay and AppStore

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