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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Home-based Job Ideas for Stay At Home Moms

Being mommy is one of the toughest roles that a woman could ever do in her entire life. It requires 100% of your time, patience and energy. I can really say that because I’m a hands-on mom who chose to give up my career to focus on taking care of my family. It is normal f for hands-on moms to feel boredom sometimes, insecurities and self-pity usually attack a person who used to be a successful career woman but shifted to become a full-time mom.

This is the main reason why I self-studied to become a freelancer. Freelancer is a common term for online worker who performs home-based jobs and is one of the most in-demand careers for stay at home moms. If you’re a hands-on mom who wishes to have a home-based job, well, you are not alone. There are many mothers who are wishing to earn income while doing a role of a full-time mom and wife. This idea is not too impossible although it really requires time to study the system of online freelancing.

What are the possible online jobs that fit to Stay at Home Moms (SAHM) - Jobs for a stay at home mom can be limited depending on her field of education, skills and interest. I’ll give myself as an example, I’m a stay at home mom who’s very passionate in writing, Normally, I apply for being a freelance writer or a “ghost writer” for some other particular tasks, I also had successful contracts doing data entry jobs. My colleagues who have experience in call center or BPO jobs apply for the same position and usually they’ll be hired as VA (virtual assistant).

If you think you don’t have enough experience to be a freelancer, well I want you to know that it’s not too late to learn, all you have to do is perform a self-study with the help of online tutorial sites and you’ll learn the basics.

What are the common online jobs for Stay at Home Moms?
Data Entry – is a task that requires a worker to enter data to data base, it can be a spreadsheet (Google or Excel). Usually, a client will require a data entry specialist to search the web for a specific to be entered in a given spreadsheet or shared documents. Data entry is one of the easiest jobs that you can find online; sometime it only requires you to copy and paste from one source to another. Although this task is considered as easiest, it can be complicated and time consuming that requires focus and patience.

Virtual Assistant – usually abbreviated as “VA” is one of the high paying jobs online. Virtual assistants are always put the contractor on call, does everything that the client requires. Some of the main tasks of virtual assistants are: receiving calls, calling clients, emailing, schedule her client’s events and appointments, reporting, data entry and others.

Writer – copy writer, ghost writer, article writer, blog writer are most common terms used to hire a writer. This is one of the common tasks that a mom can do online. It only requires English fluency mind creativity. Your opportunity as a freelancer cannot be limited to those tasks mentioned above, as I've said, it depends on your skills, experience and education.Some credible online job sites that offer home-based jobs are: odesk, Elance, RareJobGuru and Freelancer.

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