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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Four Simple Ways to be a Successful Work at Home Mom

Hello mommies! You’ll notice me posting actively these days; owe it to the re-organizing  my client's website. I write articles here about being a WAHM because I want to share things that moms would benefit from having a home-based job while taking care of her children. As much as possible, we want them to grow the way we want them to be and because of this, most moms choose to resign from their respective careers and opt to be a hands-on mom.

I have nothing against being a full-time mom because that's the best sacrifice that a mom could do to her children. From the very start, I was a hands-on mom to my three kids.  Being a hands-on mom is a very fulfilling role, the best role that a woman could play in her entire life and seeing your children grow healthy, bright and better individuals is very rewarding.

Life is not always perfect, for families like ours who only has enough from the head of the family's income, it could be very difficult to stay at home while trying to budget a little amount for the whole family. This is why tried everything to be a WAHM, now I can consider myself a successful Work At Home Mom and I won’t be selfish keep the secret in becoming  a certified WAHM.

Ways to be a successful WAHM
Discover your talent – I consider myself as crafty and a good writer, although it’s just a self-assessed qualities, all I did was believe in myself. I started doing craft arts like weaving, sewing simple stuff, recycling then capture every finished product and post it to online selling site (I used sulit now Olx). After saving all the pictures, I got an idea to write descriptions and create a craft blog for it. The blog was not intended for commercial use, but it eventually became one as it gained views from crafty individuals all over the world, I got extra income from my blog’s advertiser. I simply learned to discover the artist within and I succeed.

Use Social Media to monetize your craft and services – social media can do a lot to help you broadcast your craft and services. Try spending at least an hour to create ads about anything that you can offer. There are a lot of business ideas to choose from, it can be simple but profitable. One good example of a service to offer without allotting any amount of capital is selling services like travel packages, private resorts or real estate. These types of services is free to start, all you have to do is build your connection with the property owners and settle an agreement that concerns commission for every successful transaction you arrange for them. This was my first service offered when I was starting my career as a WAHM. I coordinated with the resort owners in my place, post private resort photos in Facebook where I gained customers and earned extra income. Aside from services, you can also do buy and sell using social media.

Post products and services to online selling sites – online selling sites like Olx.ph is one of the best ways to earn extra income while at home. You can sell anything at Olx, whether used or brand new, any kind of products and services are allowed to post in Olx as long as you are using your own content (ie. Product, photos, description)

Be a Freelancer – I started as a crafter, then I became a blogger (I still am), posted products to online sites and ended up being a freelancer.  All these are connected, because I was able to use all these in my portfolio in oDesk-Elance. Odesk-Elance is the largest online workplace for freelancers from all over the globe. They used to be different companies but merged to become the world’s largest online job site. Read my post about Starting your career in oDesk and How to become a successful oDesk contractor and The Secret of Becoming a Successful Freelancer.

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