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Sunday, December 21, 2014

How To Spend Holiday Season Wisely and Meaningful

Hello Mommies! Forgive me for not updating my blog for quite a long time, I've been very busy being a WAHM  for the past few months.

Since it's kids' Holiday break from school, I have a lot of time to bond with them and also to update my blogs. But bonding (for us) needs extra budget. We normally spend our bonding moments at the mall, amusement parks, restaurant or in their favorite food chains.

Usually, I really I save a lot for the season; it includes money for dining out, for fun and for entertainment. Being a Work At Home Mom, I really missed a lot of chances to bond with my kids. Yes, I'm 24/7 present at home, but I still need to devote my time in my job since I need to login 8 hours per day. This Holiday season is what I've been waiting for to have a short break and to spend more time with the kiddos.

Tips to spend Holiday Wisely and Meaningful

This year, I made a promise to make this Holiday season very wisely and meaningful so I made a different plan for this year-end celebration.

List Everything - Everyday, a month before December, I always update my list of things needed for the Holiday season. From the food, new clothes, gifts and everything. It's normal that you forget something when you're at the shopping mall or market so it is always important to list it down days before you actually need it.

Avoid Rush - this year, I bought everything that my kids' need for the year-end celebration at the last  week of November. During this time, I get a chance to choose the best for them. I remember what the store owner told me when I bought my kids' clothes that it is wiser to buy early so the best are still available. It is also hard to choose products in a crowded place.

Buy in Bulk- on the second week of December, I'm all done with the grocery which is good until he New Year's celebration. This time, I don't need to buy it with the kiddos so i could buy what's only needed. In my grocery, I included snacks, some junk  food (not too much) that we'll have while watching DVD's and that's for our bonding moment.

Go Healthy with the Family - this year, we started to become health conscious. Instead of dining out which is what we usually do, I just made a health plan for the family. Every morning, we agreed to go on a jogging and biking alternately and watch sunrise at the bay after. We already enjoyed this plan for two days now and the kids really enjoyed running in a cool morning breeze. By doing healthy activities, we were able to save a lot, and eating taho after is not too much!

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