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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Top Best Filipino Kakanin Recipes

Filipinos are inclined in making kakanin. Kakanin are food that usually made of flour, grated root crops and glutinous rice (malagkit). I love kakanin but I know very minimal kakanin recipes so I searched the internet to learn more about it from other food blogs.

Upon searching the net, I've out that there are large varieties of Filipino kakanin and I was so amazed that they are all incredibly good and extremely attractive to eat. I was right, that my knowledge in cooking is not enough to satisfy my readers so I had to add my co-blogger's post so that I could expand my experience and cooking knowledge to share to my readers.

Espasol - this is one of my favorite Pinoy kakanin. Espasol is very popular here in Laguna and is one of the best seller and favorite pasalubong for our kababayans. Espasol is made of toasted glutinous rice flour cooked in coconut milk. Espasol is usually in log shape and dusted with sweet flour. Visit the link to learn more about espasol and its procedure.

Putong Puti - an all time favorite kakanin of most Filipino which is usually associated with dinuguan. Puto s very popular in Laguna particularly in the city of Binan. There are varieties of puto such as puto kutsina and puto bumbong. Puto is usually made of flour but some use rice as flour replacement. Both rice and flour puto are delicious, they just vary in textures.


Butsi at Pilipit - I grew up with this type of kakanin, there were peddlers selling butsi and pilipit in our province and I would not let them pass without buying some. Butsi and pilipit are both made of glutinous rice. Bustsi has mashed munggo filling while pilipit has crunchy caramel on top. butsi is usually round while pilipit is twisted in shape. Pilipit and Butsi are deep fried in cooking oil to achieve the best cooking quality.

Pichi-pichi - another great kakanin recipe from pinoyrecipe.net. pichi-pichi is made of grated cassava and cooked in a steamer. Pichi-pichi has grated coconut on top that gives it a creamy taste and  it is sometimes added with cheese on top. I also cook pichi-pichi and I used to boil pandan leaves and used its stack as water to my pichi-pichi mixture.

Suman Malagkit - suman malagkit is the best Filipino kakanin for me. I never get tired of eating suman malagkit. During All Saint's Day, my lola used to make suman malagkit and me and my cousins really enjoyed eating suman dipped in brown sugar. Suman likewise has so many varieties, there are suman sa buli, suman yakap which is parnered with sweet caramel and there is also suman balinghoy or the suman variety that is made of grated cassava. Suman is usually wrapped in banana leaves (preferrably saba) and cooked by means of steaming using medium heat.

Biko - biko or sinukmani in southern Tagalog is one of my specialty. I always cook biko in all family occasions and gatherings. Biko is also my favorite pasalubong for my balikbayan relatives because they really love my specialty. Biko is made of whole glutinous rice grains. Black, brown or white biko are all delicious kakanin for me. Biko color changes based on the sugar you use. the one on the photo is cooked in white sugar. The toppings (latik) is prepared separately using coconut milk cooked in slow heat.

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