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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Recycling Junk Food Wrapper to Eco-Pillow

Do you consume products packed in a plastic foil or junk food wrappers? My household produces 200 gms of these waste materials daily. From our coffee, milk, cereals and sometimes junk food to follow cravings, we have a bulk of these in our trash can. I was too careless to throw them everyday because I was not aware that I can do something useful products from it. I learned that plastic foil and junk food wrappers can be a good filling for our pillows, I also tried to use this material to recycle my daughters doll.

One good thing about using junk food wrapper to recycle our pillows is it doesn't produce bad odor even if it gets wet with sweat. It is also easy to dry so you can wash it anytime you want and you can surely use it again at night. The only hard thing about it is the cutting process. You need at least 400 gms. of this material to produce a regular sized pillow so it means a lot of cutting and a lot of collecting wrappers.

As a mom, I always make sure that everything is in it's proper place especially our waste materials. I strictly implement waste segregation in our house which is very important. I dig a hole in our backyard for biodegradable wastes such as: left-over foods, kitchen wastes end even fallen leaves from trees and garden. The decomposed wastes will soon can be used as fertilizer to my small vegetable garden.

Some non-biodegradable products can be sold such as: bottles,cans and plastic containers. But we also have plastic foils, in fact, 30% of our everyday garbage is composed of this materials like: candy wrappers,milk,coffee,creamer and junk food's packages. This is why I came up searching for a solution on how to recycle waste materials like plastic foils, candy wrappers,gum wrappers and alikes. I'm lucky because I've found out a solution that I want to share to all my readers. This is the DIY craft procedure on How to make a pillow from plastic foils.
      These are the samples of plastic foils

<img src="recycling.gif" alt=" procedure in making pillow out of junk food wrapper" />

  • Cut the junk food wrappers into strips, Make it thinner as you can. After cutting, wash the strips the dry using a towel. 
  • Get a pillow case the fill it with junk clean, cutted junk food wrappers. 
  • Stitch the pillow mouth to enclose. 
  • Cover it whichever pillow case you desire
<img src="recycling.gif" alt=" procedure in making pillow out of junk food wrapper" />

recycled pillow 

Cover it

Enjoy your soft, easy to wash and easy to dry eco-friendly pillow!

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