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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Most Terrifying and Disgusting Food ideas this Halloween

It's almost 3 weeks before Halloween. A typical family wants to make this All Saint's Day celebration to be spooky. It's been a tradition to visit our dead love-ones in the cemetery and spend there a night or two with the family. In the Philippines, Halloween celebration is used to be simple as that, but as the years passed by, we adopted other culture's way of celebrating Halloween.

Nowadays, Halloween are becoming more special, aside from going to cemetery, Filipinos learned to celebrate it the way other countries do particularly our fellowmen who lived once in the USA. Americans traditionally celebrate trick and treats during Halloween. People in scary costumes are on the streets spooking and scaring people around.

Aside from costumes, it is well practiced to serve spooky foods and this is what I'm going to share. I just want you to know that I did not do it myself, these food were prepared by well crafted cook around the internet. Be ready lose your appetite, be disgusted and terrified!

photo by Flicker

Melting Head Cake - these spooky cakes were uploaded on Flicker by emergencyfan and the detail is posted at doitmyself.org. A cake artist named Leigh is really doing good in her craft. She does many of these and posted them in her website, I tell you guys, this site is worth visiting for. Especially this season when Halloween is fast approaching, you may want to get some ideas or I guess you may want to have one of her artistic and spooky cakes.

photo by: maissiejo.buzznet.com

Halloween Brain Food - this brain food is posted at maissiejo.buzznet.com. There were no further detaisl of the origin of this photo but the author posted it under her post "The best Halloween Food ever" so if you think you are the original owner of this photo, i would gladly add your back link here. This brain food as i think is made of gelatin molded in brain shaped molder. I think it's a great idea to portray as a zombie eating brains sometimes most specially for people like me who has been a big fan of the very popular "plant vs. zombies".

photo by moviepilot.com
Finger Cookies - I think I lost my appetite here. These fingers look like cookies with peanut as nails is posted at moviepilot.com. This is one great idea to spook your friend on your Halloween party.

Other Foods that will surely terrify your guests:

photo via borepanda.com
Intestine Cake

photo by cafemom
Grilled Human Hand

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