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Monday, November 24, 2014

How to Start your career as oDesk contractor

Data entry, Transcription and Virtual Assistance are among those most in-demand jobs on the internet. Many people ask me “Do you really earn decent amount from being a freelance contractor? “ My answer is YES!

Because I really wanted to be a WAHM (Work At Home Mom), I really spent effort to research online of the possible home-based jobs which are best for moms like me. Every mom’s dream is to be a hands-on mom to her children while helping her husband in providing a better life for them.

Upon searching the internet, I’ve found oDesk, a global online work platform where businesses and independent professionals connect and collaborate remotely. It is the most trusted and largest online workplace in the world.

Starting my career as oDesk contractor. 
First, I signed up to become a freelancer. I took necessary exams to complete my profile. Since I don’t have enough experience that time, I just added my blog URL in my portfolio so employers would know who I am and what I do.

During my first months in oDesk, it was really a struggle. It was very difficult to start and build my credibility as a contractor. In oDesk, contractors with 5 star ratings are easily get hired, ratings are given by employers you worked for. To be able to have ratings and experience, I decided to grab low-rate jobs just to build my credibility as a contractor.

My first task was email research, a lead generation job for a book company with 0.90 USD/hour rate. This rate is too small compared to contractors who already have good ratings. I worked for 50 hours in one week and I did my best to impress my employer. After the task is completely done, my employer gave me five star ratings and that was the start of my career as oDesk contractor.

After having my first 5 star rating, getting hired became easier. From 0.90USD/hour rating, I was able to raise it to a higher rate. There's also an instance that my employer gave me 10USD/hour as a bonus for my good performance.

Tips in Applying for a job and Get Hired 

Before applying for a job, make sure that you have taken all the necessary tests related to your skills. Create a very impressive portfolio, add your identity and if you have a blog or a website, it will be a big help to get noticed by the employer.

Know you expertise, do not apply for a job in which you are not good enough. Make sure that you only apply for a job of your expertise. Remember that your aim is to gain 5 star rating in your very first task so make sure that you're really fit in.

Make a convincing cover letter. At the first part of your cover letter, make sure to write a brief description of your self like who you are, what you do and emphasize your skills and expertise. At the second part of your cover letter, tell your employers why you are the best choice for the job. Cover letter doesn't have to be long, most employers don't have time to read a novel. To write a brief and complete cover letter, read the job description first, know what the employer's looking for in a contractor then write down your qualifications.

Good luck for your job hunting, and welcome to WAHM!

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