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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How To Be A Successful Odesk Contractor

oDesk is a global online work platform where over 1 Million businesses and independent professionals connect and collaborate remotely, indeed, Odesk is the most trusted and largest online workplace.

Many freelancers consider themselves as unfortunate when it comes to finding quality job with decent rate in oDesk. But is there really a big secret in becoming a successful oDesk contractor?

Let me tell you my humble story, I signed up in oDesk as a freelance contractor in 2009. I was not serious that time, I used to pick the easiest task and mostly are fixed rate job because I was too afraid to work under time pressure. I encountered employers who requested to hire me outside oDesk and receive payment thru paypal which is a big "No" because it leaves me nothing but cash, no rating and no hours worked shown in my profile and I missed the chance to add them to my list of experience.

Tips to be a successful oDesk contractor 

Always make your transaction inside oDesk -It is always good to be hired inside oDesk. Why? Because oDesk guarantees payments for hourly contractors, it means that if problem arises between you and your employer, oDesk will pay your guaranteed hours even your employer failed to do so. This applies only to employer with verified payment, just check if they have green check on the upper right corner of their names, if they have that, then they are credible and safe to work with.

Aside from guaranteed payment, you are also building your credibility as your employer rate you after every finished task. Rating or the stars on your profile is very important to get noticed by employers. 5 star contractors always being prioritized to be hired.

Do not over rate or under rate your self - if  you are building your career as oDesk contractor, begin at the lowest rate as possible but do not underrate your skills. Be confident with your knowledge and skills so that you can convince your employer that you are fit with the job they offer.

Take Tests as Many as You can - start with oDesk readiness test and and then take more exams related to your skills and services you offer.

Create an impressive portfolio - collect all your finished jobs, screen shots or actual file and upload them in your portfolio. A blog is one example of a creative portfolio if your service is article writing.

Do your best in your first task and aim for 5 stars -  be wise in accepting your very first task, make sure that you can meet all the qualifications and requirements before accepting any contracts, remember your future depends on your present performance, impress your employer so they'll give you 5 star ratings.

Be Professional - Do not cheat on time. Most employer keep honest and reliable contractors, use your guaranteed time honestly and wisely.

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