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Thursday, October 23, 2014

What is Depression and How to Avoid it

Mommies are the most common people who suffer from depression particularly those hands-on mothers who devote their life taking care of their husband and kids. Moms are the first ones who absorb the difficulties in life like; budgeting, problems with kids, boredom, too much work load, un-able to socialize with friends, inadequate time for themselves and etc. This is why it's very important to know what is depression and how to avoid it.

What Is Depression?
Depression is a clinical and treatable medical condition which is commonly known as mood disorder. It's a state of low mood or too much sadness that affects everyday life of affected person. A depressed person commonly has difficulties in dealing with a normal life, it can affect one's thoughts, behavior, feelings and sense of well-being.(webmed)

Signs and Symptoms of Depression

Depressed people can get irritated from just simple reasons, he or she can be anxious and always feeling hopeless. People with this mental condition usually hate to mingle with other people, they prefer to stay in the room alone, lie in bed all day but having a hard time to sleep.

Ordinary people can be sad or depressed for some valuable reasons like loss of a loved-one, problems and sickness. But if the condition is prolonged and the person shows symptoms mentioned above, this maybe a sign that the person is suffering from depression.

Signs and Symptoms of Depression

Depressed Mood Upon Waking Up - we usually start our day with smile on our face, but depressed people treat mornings as the start of their burdens. Depressed people don't appreciate morning as a good start, instead they consider it as another day of battle.

Weakness or Low Energy - a person who is depressed usually has a very low adrenalin, they didn't want to go out from their room to do the usual routine such as eating or taking a bath.

Always Feeling Alone and Worthless - they always feel this way, the feeling that nobody wants them, no one understands them, they're alone and no one ever loved them. A depressed person always sink these ideas in her/his mind, this is what she/he feels and this is what she/he wants to believe.

Does not Cooperate - usually refuses to do assigned tasks or activities that a normal person does and does not mind what would be the consequences of his/her laziness.

Suicidal - this is the worst thing that can happen to people with this condition. They have recurring attempts to hurt themselves to death because they believe that this is the only way to escape from the problems, they generally are not afraid to die because for them, dying is resting.

Weight Loss or Weight Gain - depressed people can lost too much weight, but some people release their depression by too much eating. Both ways are unhealthy, lost weight can lead to sickness while gaining can lead to a higher level of depression. 

How to Avoid Depression

Eat Healthy Foods -healthy foods help detoxify the body even those bad elements that causing stress and depression.

Be Social - avoid always being alone, find someone to talk to about your problems. Do not try to over think for the solution, instead find a place or a community where you can relax and laugh out loud, laughter is always the best medicines.

Exercise Regularly - this is the most effective way to release stress. Free radicals that we get from having unhealthy life style and environment are the major factors why people acquire stress and depression. By exercising regularly, you are eliminating those free radicals in your body that will help you to have a light feeling and a clear mind. Avoid sitting for a long period of time, if you feel stressed, stand-up and jump 10-50 times and it will release the stress within.

Analyze yourself - if you think you are having the symptoms of depression, block it by doing these steps. Prevention is better than cure. When depression becomes worst, you can't even think to avoid it, so analyzing your condition is an early detection which is good to avoid too much Depression.

Depression is treatable but this is not a simple mental condition. Depression when neglected can lead to insanity and death for who chose to end their own lives.

(source: webmed/wikipedia)

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