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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Useful Tips For Women To Keep a Healthy and Strong Marriage

I have read read several posts about how to keep the marriage strong and healthy and I've found them to be very helpful. In fact, most of my read articles served as my own tool to keep our marriage healthy for eleven years. I know eleven years is too short compared to other successful marriages I've known, but give me chance to share my own tips and pick-up those you think are useful.

How To Keep A Strong Marriage

Talk - always make ways for conversation. It is important that you tell what you've went through the day and ask him what he has experienced in his work lately. Talking to your husband like he is your friend, makes him feel that he has no reason to keep  secrets. Some men keep secrets when they feel that it will make you mad or you wouldn't understand, but not all secrets means unfaithfulness, some men just don't want arguments. In this case, you have to show him that you are broad minded and you understand why certain things have to happen.

Show Appreciation - I always do this. I never forget to appreciate every good thing in him. From his looks or gestures, I always tell him that he's so great or he's looking great and of course it has to come out with sincerity. Appreciation from you will make him feel great and important.

Do Not Criticize - you can suggest other things, but don't ever criticize your husband. Criticism is a negative energy that when you throw to someone, it can badly hurt them and the tendency is to throw them back to you and make a chain reaction.

Be a Friend - treat your partner as your best-friend. If you can be a friend to anybody else, then most
 of all, be a friend to your partner. Don't wait for him to find friendship with the company of someone else,

Be Faithful and Decent - For your partner to be faithful, you have to be one. Don't try to make him jealous just to get attention, it's really a bad idea. Act like a decent and smart woman, because in his eyes, you are that kind that's why he married you.

Avoid Unreasonable Jealousy - jealousy sometimes fine and cute but if it's over, it would be like a rust that damages your marriage, so avoid creating rusts. Be reasonable, understanding and most of all, learn to trust your partner.

I suggest you find a good book to read about "How to Keep a Strong Marriage". Don't stop researching for possible help to keep you marriage healthy.

There are many web sites offering free consultations and counselling like the Marriage Builder. You can post questions about marriage and relationships and you can likewise read answers from experienced individuals.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor nor a marriage expert. I don't have wealth, I don't even have a luxurious car or a big mansion, All I have is a happy family, a good husband and wonderful kids. Our wealth is the love that God embedded in our hearts. There will be no more stronger relationship than two people united by God.

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