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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Understanding Stress and How to Deal with it

What Is Stress?

is a state of mental tension caused by problems, life, work or people around you. It is a physical force of pressure that causes worry and anxiety. According to health experts, stress comes in three different stages, Alarming, Resistance and Exhaustion

Stages of Stress

In a forum at Sharecare.com entitled "What are the stages of stress", Dr.Ben Kaminksky gave the definitions of the three stages of stress. Alarm Reaction is a stage of stress which is usually a short term attack that our body can deal without affecting our body's resistance. The next stage is Resistance in which your body is possible to experience fatigue, sleep problems and malaise. The last stage is Exhaustion, a stage of prolonged stress when the body shuts down completely and usually reflects to your skin by like having bumps, acne and break-outs.

Signs of Stress -an article in Patient.co.uk enumerated 13 signs of stress. From the list, you can able to evaluate if you are experiencing a stress attack. 

  • Not being able to sleep properly with worries going through your mind. 
  • Being impatient or irritable at minor problems. 
  • Not being able to concentrate due to many things going through your mind. 
  • Being unable to make decisions. 
  • Drinking or smoking more. 
  • Not enjoying food so much. 
  • Being unable to relax, and always feeling that something needs to be done. 
  • Feeling tense. Sometimes 'fight or flight' hormones are released causing physical symptoms. These include: 
  • Feeling sick (nauseated). 
  • A 'knot' in the stomach. 
  • Feeling sweaty with a dry mouth. 
  • A thumping heart. 
  • Headaches and muscle tension in the neck and shoulders.

There are books in the market that can help you manage your stress. Stress is something that we have to give enough attention because we neglect it, it can lead to serious illnesses including insanity.

How to Avoid Stress

Figure out if you are experiencing stress-  Knowing what is liable to cause anxiety can help keep away from such things later on. Keep a record of what circumstances make you unpleasant and perceive how you may manage them in different courses later on. By doing this, you are dealing with stress positively and you are protecting yourself from stress future attacks.

Find time or a place to unwind or relax - many people do exclude unwinding in their calendar. Everyone needs to have a "me-time" whether once a week or once every two weeks, you at least should have a special time for yourself. You can either treat yourself to spa or buy things that you wished to buy for a long time or even go to some place where you can breathe fresh air while relaxing.

Manage your time properly - do not overload yourself. Learn to decline tasks if you think it's over, by doing this, you can divide your time properly and finish each task on time while giving enough space to breathe and so you can have enough time to prepare for the future projects.

Be involved in Physical Activities - jogging, running for a cause or doing zumba with your neighbors are all great ways to avoid stress. In a recent study, it confirms that sitting for a long period of time can cause stress. It advised to stand up and do some jumping, stretching or walking after an hour of sitting.

Think Positive - Do not harp on disappointments instead reward yourself for your triumphs. Acknowledge that everybody has limits and can't succeed at everything. Ponder what you have accomplished by counting all your blessings and disregard failures.

Love Your Self - every creature is a masterpiece of God, you are indeed a result of God's love to mankind. Take care of your health maintain the beauty in you, inside and out. Studies show that poor health and unpleasant look are major factors that cause low self-esteem which usually leads to stress.

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