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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Top 5 Best Blogger Groups In The Philippines

Do you have a blog? Or perhaps, you want to start a blog. Blogging is a great medium to share to the world what you can offer. It sometimes started just a hobby but for some it became their thousand dollar business.

It’s not easy to start a blog especially if you are not too technical. Blogging needs a lot of hard work and patience; it requires technical skills and some artistic approach.

I started blogging in 2008, and it was not that easy. I even stopped writing posts because I had a feeling that I was just writing for a very few interested people and I've found it so non-sense to continue. From 2009-until early 2014, I was totally at rest in blogging but there’s always something inside me that tells “go on, that’s your ultimate dream”

Yes, writing was my first love and so I decided to write again and made my come back later this year and this time, with a better purpose, to be me, to do what I want.

My first goal was to expand my community by finding blogger communities where I can get tips and some other forms of support and I did not fail because there are lots of groups created for Filipino Bloggers and let me share to you my top 5 best Filipino Blogger Groups.

Top 5 Best Filipino Blogger Groups

TopBlogs.ph - the largest tracking site for Filipino blogs, covering a large latitude of blogs and readers. By submitting your site to them, they’ll track your page visitors and your site will be ranked based on the generated traffic of your blog.  It’s a good way to start a blog, and an easy way to have a good back link to your site.

FilipinoBloggers Worldwide– with 4318 members, FBW started on November 1, 2011. The group aims to build camaraderie among fellow bloggers around the globe and help members on opportunities to make money online, increase and build traffic, gain followers, blog comment exchange, share experiences and many more.

Bloggers Association of the Philippines A public group for Filipino Bloggers protecting their rights and welfare of bloggers, an avenue to disseminate information, invitations, campaigns, contests, advertising of any events. This is also an avenue to help bloggers for any legal problems that will arise while performing his duties as a Blogger. More benefits are added as this group progressed.

Mommy Bloggers Philippines- among those blogger groups, this is where I feel at home because “Mother is the Truest Friend We Have”. It’s a closed group with 541 registered mommy bloggers which was established to help bloggers with opportunities to gain new friends, learn from each other’s blogging experiences, to help promote each other’s blogs, events, give away/ blog contest and gain blog followers through various social media networks.

After joining this group, I’ve gained a lot of Mommy Blogger friends. The regular comment exchange group activity really helped a lot in building and expanding my new environment as a mommy blogger and of course, to promote my posts . I also got a chance to meet online the admin of the group, Mommy Lani Lyutz who was very approachable and very generous in sharing writing opportunities for mommy blogger members. Although due to over workload, I missed many MBP group activities like the recent Halloween party which according to those who attended was a blast, I'm still hoping to meet them in person, soon :)

Ask Pinoy Bloggers – a closed group with 1101 registered members and one of my favorite groups. You’ll find high profile bloggers here who will humbly assist and support you regarding your problems and questions about blogging. You can post questions here about your blogging problems and in seconds, you’ll get answers for free.

The group has guidelines to follow that you have to read before you post anything because if you violate the rules, you’ll be banned by the group admin. I was one of those lucky bloggers who benefited a lot by joining this group. My adsense application was approved easily because of the tips and legal techniques I got from Ask Pinoy Blogger members and I will never stop thanking them. I also learned a lot of SEO techniques and lay-out designs only from reading previous threads or by posting simple questions.

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  1. Members yata ako sa lahat ng blogger group mommy. But its really true sa mommy bloggers lang talaga ma feel mo yung warm na hinahanap mo.

    1. Yes Mommy Cheryl parang classmates, the best kachikahan:)

  2. Ay, 3 out of 5 lang ako sa groups na yan. Will check out the others. I'd have to agree with Cheryl, mommy bloggers talaga ang may warmth and you feel the sense of belonging. :)

    1. very true mommy, yung feeling na may virtual tambayan ka with fellow moms :)

  3. Wow, ang dami pala! Thanks for this :D I need to check the others out! Pero agree ako sa inyo, at home na at home din ako sa Mommy Bloggers :)

    1. Iba talaga pag mga mommy ang nag bonding online or offline, masaya at nakakarelate sa isa't-isa.


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