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Monday, October 27, 2014

Tips to Avoid Bag Snatchers and Pick Pockets

Holiday is just around the corner and during this season we moms are busy shopping, buying gifts and stuff for the Holiday preparation.

During Holiday season, public establishments such as malls, supermarkets, restaurants are very crowded and so snatchers are scattered on those crowded places. On occasions like these, it is important that we have enough knowledge and precautions on how to avoid being victimized by bag snatchers and pick pockets.

How To Avoid Bag Snatchers

Do not use an expensive bag in crowded places - if you just want to spend your day shopping in a mall, you don't need to use a branded bag or those eye catching designer bags. Bags snatchers first look for the bag's value before they choose their victim. A simple shopping bag is enough to spend a day in a mall safely and away from bag snatchers.

Use a body bag - unlike shoulder or hand-bags, body bags are more safe to use since it holds your body, it would be hard for snatchers to grab it, and if they noticed that it'll be difficult for them to snatch your bag, they will be forced to find another victim.

Use a separate purse for your cellphone, paper bills and cards - there are tiny purses with light colored neck holders designed for women.

This purse is very tiny wherein you can put your regular sized cellphones, cards and paper bills. The neck holder is white and looks like a bra strap and is not easy to see so snatchers wouldn't notice that you have a secret purse, you just have to keep it hanging on your neck while the purse is kept inside your shirt.

Make sure to silent your phone and set it to vibrate so you could feel if anyone's calling or texting you. This is to prevent snatchers to caught you hiding your important belongings.

Be Simple - sometimes pretending to be poor really helps to avoid snatchers. You don't have to wear clothes with holes, that would be too much. What I'm trying to point is, you can wear simple shirts, fancy accessories and jeans while joining the crowd. You don't have to wear expensive dress, expensive accessories unless you have body guards.

Be Alert and observant - It is important that you know how to read eyes, snatchers used to inspect around before they attack their victims so try to be suspicious sometimes.

Do not Use your Cellphone In Crowded Places - 90% percent of people who have been victims of cellphone snatching is because of their own negligence. Most of them are using their mobile phones while walking on the street or while waiting for a taxi or a jeep. Those open and crowded places are the most common and easiest places for the looters to perform evil plans.

Note: In case someone's trying to grab your bag, do not attempt to fight against these snatchers, they are well trained and equipped with weapons, don not risk your life unless you also have weapons and you have enough knowledge in martial arts to defend your self.

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