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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

AJ Ramos scandal;Yes it's scandalous but who we are to judge?

There are two hottest personalities in social media now, these two students who allegedly have a scandal video which is trending in social media sites. Every time I want to know the latest, all I have to do is log on to my Twitter account and check the trending topics on the left side of my dash board.
I noticed this  unfamiliar name "AJ Ramos".

I got curious so I followed the link. I've found out that this AJ has a viral scandal video which is now circulating online. The girl on the video is known as Abby who is allegedly a DLSU student.

Honestly, I watched the video, maybe almost half of it and I ended up worrying about my children. I hope my kids would not experience such shameful experience. I am also worried about the feelings of the persons involved, the family and friends and how they will accept this scandal.

I just don't realize why it has to be recorded where in fact that there are numerous scandals that went viral online. Technology nowadays could be our great companion or an  entertainment buddy but it could also be our worst nightmare!

The video is continuously spreading online but bear with me if I wont share the link, I hope you guys understand. I just hope that just like Paolo Bediones, these two can face the situation bravely. If they are well provided, I think it is better to escape to somewhere, a place where no one will remind them about scandal.

Like any other scandals, the heat will subside in its perfect time. I'll give Maricar Reyes as a good example of  a brave woman who faced her scandal with silence. She continued her life, she worked, she ignored and now she has a fulfilled life together with her husband.

Rather than judging, I am more concern of the impact of the situation to these minors. They've mistaken but people worsen their mistakes and put the lives of these two people in to shame and would probably ruin their lives forever.

I may not be in the right position but hey, you already satisfied your eyes out of curiosity, don't you think it's too much to share it? Well, that's just my opinion :)

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