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Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Top 5 Reasons Why Women Cheat Their Husband

There is no perfect relationship, every marriage went through a lot of struggles before they prove it to be a successful one. One of the common issues between couples is unfaithfulness.

Based on the 2012 statistics, only 14% of women population cheat while 22% of men do. Cheating is common among men and very rare among women. When a man cheats his wife, it's usually a result of man's weakness which is temptation and over sexual desire. When a woman cheats, it's usually a form of revenge or a way to escape, it's not usual for a woman to cheat her husband and be involved with another man.

I made my own research about it by asking 5 married women I knew who have been cheating their husband and I got almost the same reasons from them, it's because they want to escape or they want revenge.

Basic Reasons Why Women Cheat

These women are victims of violence and cheating by their own husband. Some women chose to left for another man to escape abuse and violence and some do it for revenge. Some women want their husband to feel the same hurt and pain they've felt by doing the same thing that they husband did do them which is cheating.

In an article I've read at webmed.com, there are many reasons for infidelity such as boredom, sexual thrill, revenge and sexual addiction. Infidelity reasons for men differ from women's. The article stated that most men searching for more sex or attention while women are looking to fill an emotional void.

Almost every article I've read about "How women Cheat" they are all pointing to similar factors. But as I combined the life stories of women cheating I've known, the television dramas which are all based on real life stories and some articles in my favorite sites, I came-up with a top 5 reasons why women cheat.

Top 5 Reasons Why Women Cheat

Seeking For Attention - after several years of marriage, most men feel over comfortable with what they have at home. They always treat a day as a usual day with wife doing the household chores, provides his slippers when he arrives and prepares his food. Everyday became a routine, it's so sad that men usually forget that women needs some caress, appreciation or an invitation to go out to have some breaks from all the mess inside the house. It's very rare to find a woman who chose to devote her life with her family where in fact, she has an option not to do so. These women are sacrificing their freedom in exchange to their family's security and they commonly fall into seeking for attention when they feel that their hard work is not appreciated.

Boredom and Escape - one of the worst enemies of stay at home moms is boredom. This usually affects women who had no choice but to stay in the house to take care of the kids even if they don't want to. If a wife was forced to leave her career to focus on her children and she does not do it voluntarily, it usually becomes the cause for her boredom. In this case, a woman would feel that she had no choice but to follow her husband's command and she'll start to find things that would entertain her and one of them is hanging out with another men. It also happens when a woman experiences violence from her husband they do cheating believing that sooner they can escape.

Financial Freedom - sometimes it can be bad to the marriage. If a woman is too confident that she can have it all, she's not afraid of what would be the result of her elicit act. As we always hear, "money can buy everything" even men. Well, unhappy relationship would always start it all, if a woman feels unsatisfied with her present relationship and she knew that she can live without her husband, that she can provide everything she needs, she would not hesitate to find someone new in whom she could have what's she's looking for in a relationship.

Revenge - a woman who was cheated by her husband use cheating as a form of revenge. She believes that if her husband felt the pain that caused by her cheating, he would then realize his mistakes. In general, this method is not effective for realization. A cheating wife is like a shit on a man's head and even if they cheated first, realization will come at the least and it will instead be the beginning of a broken marriage.

Environment - one of the most influential factors in our everyday's life is our environment. There is a saying that "When you're in Rome, Do What Roman's Do", actually this is not a command but a reality. Environment is very influential, even if at first you can refuse the temptation but when you're facing it everyday, it would be like just a normal thing and in the end, you'll find your self doing the same thing. It is very important to choose a decent environment.

There are lots of possible factors why women cheat. What I've mentioned above are based on my own research and observation. Women are fragile, they are easy to please and to caress. They sometimes don't speak about their feelings but if you would read their eyes and actions you would know if there's something bothering them because we are that transparent. Treat women like a fragile glass, handle it with care.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor nor a marriage expert. I don't have wealth, I don't even have a luxurious car or a big mansion, All I have is a happy family, a good husband and wonderful kids. Our wealth is the love that God embedded in our hearts. There will be no more stronger relationship than two people united by God.

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