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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Take Care of our Children, make them feel that there's no place like home

An alarming news today caught my awareness. There is a growing numbers of young women 14-17 who joined the ISIS, the Islamic group who did be-headings of their captives.

It is believed that these young women joined this force to find their live's worth. According to the former chief of NBI's counter terrorism, Steven Pomeranz, he believes that theses women are looking for adventure, excitement and social acceptance.

I suddenly breathed deeply, asking myself if I did make my kids feel that there will be no better place than home. Did I ever make them feel that they are important part of this society? Well, I guess I did! although sometimes, I had to oppose to some of their acts and decisions if I think it will endow harm and misfortune in the end.

Children in this generation are very fragile, adventure seekers and very furious, this is why they are the weakest beings in this world. As parents, we are responsible to guide, to understand and to love them unconditionally.

Do't let your children seek acceptance and happiness outside your home. Let them be filled with love so they can share it to others. If there sometimes that we had to punish them, make sure that you'll explain your reason and that everything you do is for their own sake.

I read a very good article from Parents.com and it's entitled "7 Secrets to raise a Happy child". It stated seven steps which I think I successfully applied in my system as a mom except for one step which is "Don't Try to Make Your Child Happy", sounds strange huh!

Let me quote a portion of this article "To keep from over coddling, recognize that you are not responsible for your child's happiness, Harris urges. Parents who feel responsible for their kids' emotions have great difficulty allowing them to experience anger, sadness, or frustration. We swoop in immediately to give them whatever we think will bring a smile or to solve whatever is causing them distress. Unfortunately, Harris warns, children who never learn to deal with negative emotions are in danger of being crushed by them as adolescents and adults." (Bonnie Harris is the author of "When Your Kids Push Your Buttons: And What You Can Do About It")

From this article, I learned that we should let our children feel all the emotions. It's a way of preparing them strong psychologically and emotionally. We love seeing them happy but it's wrong to make them feel only the positive things because they'l be struggling to deal with problems in the future and they will neglect the real essence of happiness.

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