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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Potty Training that works 100 %

Most moms are anxiously eager to potty train their kids because we consider toilet training as another milestone in our child's development and an indication that you are graduated to changing diapers and a lot savings to. But there are moms who are very much prepare to how long will it take to potty train their kids.

Some children master it within a few days, but others can take several months and even years. Potty training's success depends on your child's activity, his/her readiness and your readiness too.

Make sure that you and your child are both ready for the potty training

I have two children whom I potty trained without the help of others. My son who is my eldest was potty trained at the age of 2 but only learned about it when he reached four and a half. That was because my son was very dependent in bottle feeding. Even at the age of 4, he used to have 2-3 milk formulas a night. That was the reason why he pees 3-5 times per night and if I would wake him up that often, his sleep will be bothered, my son was not that ready for the potty training. In the morning, he knew how to pee in the toilet, he was trained on that part. It was only during evening that I had to put his diapers on and it lasted for almost five years until he stopped bottle feeding.

My second child is a girl who was so behave, she follows all my rules and she loves my milk so I didn't have to bottle fed her. You wouldn't believe it but as early as 9 months, I successfully potty trained her. I used to wake up at 11;00 pm and 3 am to bring her to potty trainer and let her pee while whispering the common sound she usually hears while I'm asking her to pee. My daughter knew it that she had to pee whenever she hears me singing "weeee,weeee,weee,weee" even she's sleeping and she would not complain. This is because my daughter had a very good routine, she would eat solid foods at night and before bed time, I would breastfeed her then she would sleep the whole night. At an early age, my daughter was very much ready to be potty trained.

Buy the right Tools and Equipment

My daughter used to sit on her potty chair like a queen. This potty trainer really helped me a lot to succeed to teach her how to properly use the toilet because she's just a kid and our toilet bowl is not designed for little ones, I bought one for her and she loved it.

I didn't have to ask her to pee, just when she sees her Dora potty trainer, she would always remember that she had to pee. Kids really love cartoon characters, and since my daughter loves Dora, Dora became my assistant in potty training my daughter.

Set a Routine - Routine is very important and very effective, like what I did to my daughter, I set the 11:00 pm and 3:00 am routine and it was very successful.

Stop using a diaper - you should stop your child from wearing a diaper so you could check the right time when she had to pee and how many times a night she had to pee. Like what I did to my daughter, I learned that she pees two times per night at 11 pm and 3 am so I knew right then the right time that I had to bring her to her potty chair.

Foster the Routine and make it a habit - be consistent in implementing the rules, it should be a habit, don't ever make excuses so you would continue achieving the goal.

Buy some training pants - provide your child with an easy to pull pants. Sometimes it becomes a hindrance to do the proper way if the pants it self would not cooperate. As much as possible grab a soft cotton and a garterized pants or underwear.

Treat your self  - You're done!

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