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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Learn the Amazing Health Benefits of Rambutan

October is the season of rambutan in Laguna. Rambutan is one of my favorite fruits and we're so lucky to have some fruit bearing trees in father's small farm.

Rambutan is an Indonesian term for hairy. It is considered as a standout amongst the most outlandish tree grown foods in Southeast Asia. Rambutan tree is local in Indonesia and Malaysia and now normally developed in nations with warm climate temperature like the Philippines. This sweet little lychee fruit has tree that develops around 12-29 m tall. The leaves are green and grows up to 30 cm long. The rambutan tree begins to bear fruits from 2-3 years after it was planted. In the Philippines, rambutan fruit develops amid July until November and gets fewer in December.

If you love eating rambutan, then you should know all the health benefits that this fruit can give to your body.

Nutritional Facts of Rambutan according to USDA database:
Per 100 g (3.5oz)
Energy...343 kj
Carbohydrates... 20.87
Dietary fiber...0.9g
Thiamine (vit.B1)...0.013mg (1%)
Riboflavin (vit. B2)...0.022mg (2%)
Niacin (vit. B3)...1.352 mg (9%)
vitamin B6...0.02mg(2%)
vitamin c...4.9mg (6%)
Calcium...22mg (2%)
Manganese...0.343 mg (16%)
Phosphorus... 9mg (1%)
Potassium...42mg (1%)
Sodium...11mg (1%)
Zinc... 0.08mg (1%)

Rambutan Health Benefits:

According to scientific research, nne serving of rambutan gives enough supply of iron, giving 13.8 to 31.2 percent of the sum you require every day. The iron pushes the right level of oxygen in your body, which can help keep your stamina at the right level. Weakness and fatigue is usually associated with having  low amount of iron in your body. In a serving of rambutan (approximately 100 gms.), you will likewise get 4.3 percent of the day by day proposed admission of phosphorus. Phosphorus bails channel out waste in the kidneys and is vital for the development, upkeep, and repair of all tissues and cells. Rambutan likewise contains calcium; calcium and phosphorus work in pair to keep your bones and teeth healthy and strong.

Rambutan as Medicine

In Malaysia and Indonesia, rambutan is traditionally used as medicine for hypertension, diabetes, diarrhea and other ailments. It also has therapeutic function to kill and remove intestinal parasites which usually causes intestinal infection that leads to fever to children. The sweet taste of rambutan is best to make juice, ice cream, jam and jellies. In some countries, rambutan is cooked to make a soup. This fruit is also a best salad ingredient.

Rambutan is composed of 80% water therefore it has the power to re-hydrate our body which is better than drinking treated water for it has intact minerals and nutrient.

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