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Friday, October 24, 2014

The Most Effective Way to Increase Breast milk Production

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Many first time mothers fear they are not producing enough breast milk to satisfy their baby. This fear is usually a result of lack of knowledge about first time breast feeding. First timer moms who prefer to breastfeed their baby need a lot of knowledge, patience and tools to have enough breast milk production.

Breast milk is the most essential formula that you can give to your new born baby. It has the complete nutrition and vitamins that your baby needs until 2 years. 

Health professionals suggests that breast feeding for the first 6 months without giving your baby any other supplements even treated water will help your baby build a strong immune system. Breast Milk alone is enough to give your baby the benefits of water, minerals and nutrients from other infant formulas including infant vitamin supplements. However, most moms failed to produce enough breast milk to support the needs of their babies because they do not know how to produce enough.

How to increase Breast Milk Production

 A lactating mom should consume 1800 calories per day, at least 8 glasses of water and foods which are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals, carbohydrates and Calcium. These nutrients can be obtained from seafood, fruits and vegetables. But did you know that there is one plant that could supply all these required nutrients to help increase your breast milk production?

Malunggay or Moringa Leaves

Malunggay Leaves
Scientific name: Moringa Oleifera
English name: horseradish

Malunngay is a tagalog term for "moringa" or "horseradish". This plant is considered as the "wonder plant" because of its overflowing nutrients and minerals.

Malunggay is very common in the Philippines, its bark can be planted in a dry soil and it can easily grow even without giving so much attention.

Health Benefits and Nutrients of Malunggay:
  • Seven times the vitamin C that oranges has - fresh moringa pods and leaves are an excellent wellsprings of vitamin-C. Every 50 g of pods contain 75 µg or 120% of everyday required intake of vitamin C. Likewise, for every 50 g of green moringa leaves contains 26 µg or 43% of everyday recommended level of Vitamin C. As we all know, Vitamin C is the most essential vitamin that our body needs to achieve stronger immune system.
  • Four times the Calcium we can get from milk - moringa leaves is a good source of Calcium. In fact, for every 100 grams portion of moringa leaves, there are 434 mg of Calcium, 4 times the calcium we can get from a glass of milk.
  • Four times the vitamin A  we found in carrots - there is about 7-8 mg of beta carotene (pro-vitamin A). Our body needs just 1 mg of beta carotene per day. Vitamin A is a very essential element to help fight against all kinds of infections and likewise a very helpful nutrient to help bone healing and development.
  • TWO times the protein that milk has - moringa is considered as the only plant on Earth to have the highest content of protein which is two time that we can get from milk. Like soya, moringa can supply enough protein to babies and breastfeeding mothers but, unlike soya, there is no evidence that moringa can cause allergic reaction.
  • Three times the Potassium we get from bananas - bananas are a good source of potassium, but the best wellspring of this mineral is non other than moringa. Moringa (100 gms) can supply three times the potassium that we can get from eating a piece of banana. (source: stuartxchange)
Malunggay For Lactating Mothers

One of the best profit that malunggay can give is it enhances lactation for breast feeding mothers. Based on clinical studies, malunggay aside from the nutritional facts mentioned above, it also has a nutrient that helps mothers to activate its milk gland and to continuously produce natural and healthy milk. The green leaves of malunggay is rich in iron, phosphorus, vitamins A,b and C, thiamine, which are all essential to growing kids.

How to Prepare Malunggay for Breast Milk Production
  • Gather 100 grams of malunggay leaves
  • Boil 500 ml of water
  • Add the malunggay leaves
  • boil for 5 minutes
  • Drink as tea or as water substitute
  • Do it everyday to produce healthy breast milk
Malunggay is also a good recipe ingredient. You can add malunggay in your break fast like "arrozcaldo" or in your "tinola" and or in your instant noodles.

Malunggay Supplements

There are bunches of malunggay supplements that are available in the market. Moringa products are now one of the top growing suppelement businesses around the world. Malunggay in the Philippines is standout among the most widely recognized food supplement formulas.

For breastfeeding moms who cannot prepare malunggay soup evryday, they use Moringa capsules to sustain the milk gland in producing fresh and healthy milk for their babies. Moringa capsules are made from dried malunggay leaves , some are from the root, barks and fruit. As mentioned, every part of malunggay plant has  essential health benefits.

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