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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Different National Costume Designs for kids

Philippines celebrates Linggo ng Wika or Buwan ng Wika every month of August. Two months before the said event, search queries regarding National Costumes start flood in top engine sites.

This blog is dedicated to Filipino moms who always support their kids in all their activities especially school related activities. I have compiled these different National costumes best for Linggo ng Wika event to share some design ideas.

This was taken from the last Linggo ng wika activity of my youngest daughter
<img src="baro't saya.gif" alt=" Different Designs of National Costume" />
Viel wearing her Baro't Saya
This baro't saya is inspired by what Imelda Marcos usually wears. Asking her what she wants to wear was really a good decision, I saw kids crying because their moms forced them to wear an Igorot inspired costume which has to reveal some flesh and, the result, they were not able to enjoy the event.

<img src="lakambini.gif" alt=" filpiniana design" />
This pretty little girl won the lakambini title. Having that pretty face combined with classy Filipiniana costume, she really deserves to won the title.

<img src="igorot.gif" alt=" Igorot costumes" />
Igorot costume for girls

More Linggo ng Wika Costume Designs:

<img src="arabian.gif" alt=" Linggo ng wika costumes" />
Ariabiana costume

<img src="kimona.gif" alt=" Linggo ng wika costumes" />
Kimona at Saya

Igorot costume
<img src="saya.gif" alt=" Linggo ng wika costumes" />
Classic Baro't Saya
<img src="patadyong.gif" alt=" Linggo ng wika costumes" />
Patadyong at Barong

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