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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Beading; Another good Business Idea for stay at home Moms

Hi Mommies! Today I'm gonna share an alternative way to earn money while staying at home and I'm certain that all my mother readers would adore. This is my companion Grace's business. She and her spouse together with their children do the beading while off at work and school. Making beaded items turned into their standard bonding time. My friend says its simple and I attempted it myself. The essential procedure is basic, you simply need to  insert the thin chord inside the beads. There is a certain count depending on the size of your product or how fine your prefer it to be.

Materials in making bead products like: beads, handle, fabrics, zipper and chord can be bought from Divisoria mall.
<img src="beads.gif" alt="different designs of bags made of beads " />
Beaded hand Bags
These lovely bags looks so classy. The crystal beads makes the bags so stunning. It is important to choose the ideal shade to give the best impact. She likewise makes customized designs so clients can ask for a point by point outlines. I truly love the white one, its ideal for my Sunday church, however in a few occasions like meetings, I would love to use the dark one.

<img src="pouches.gif" alt="different designs of pouches made of beads " />
Bead kitty Pouches
You'll definitely want to have these cute little kitty pouches for your little princesses and I'm certain your children would truly love to have one. These adorable little pockets have zipper to keep your child's things safe. It is exceptionally convenient and handy so they can simply keep it in their pocket. It can likewise be stayed around their neck or on their shoulders. 

<img src="beads 2.gif" alt="different designs of coin purse made of beads " />
Beaded Pouches for Moms
Among the beaded items they make, these are my top picks. I can't carry on a day without a pouch. These little pouches are ideal for my common place like bringing my children to school or setting off to the supermarket or simply purchasing some stuff in a variety store closed to my place. These pockets have linings and zipper so things inside are kept protected and secured. 

<img src="beads4.gif" alt="kitty key chains made of beads " />
Beaded Key Chains
These are beaded key chains, so charming right? My little girl owned one and she truly cherishes it. My friend truly has the ability to make these wonderful creations. As what she said to me, she's acquiring a decent wage from it. Making beaded items is another decent business thought for stay at home moms. You sould simply have to be artistic and inventive. 

<img src="beads5.gif" alt="different designs of pen holders made of beads " />
Beaded Pen Holders
And last but not the least, the beaded pen holders. These charming pen holders are ideal for a working or a study table. I likewise believe that these beaded pen holders are best to give as token or recognition to individuals we love. I truly wish to take in more about making wonderful beaded specialty like these, I simply trust I could discover enough time to do so:(

For orders contact: 09129166322 and look for Grace :)

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  1. Where can we buy this? Can we purchase wholesale? You know December is approaching this will be a good gift and token for friends.

  2. My Mom makes those as well. Galing no. I can never do those kind of things. Hahaha.

  3. I've never tried beading, looks complicated hehe. But the products are so nice and so usable :) galing ng friend mo :)

    1. me too, I love crafting but never tried making this one :) but I really want to learn promise!

  4. Yes, they look really classy indeed! The first 2 photos in the topmost collage don't even look as if they're made with beads!

    1. you're right mommy Marie, I even want to have a bigger size of the black one, it's really cute and classy.

  5. Those look so nice and I bet she's very detail-oriented and has perseverance. I like the keychains!

  6. Yes, the first two bags are beautiful, great business!

  7. Yay! I hope i have all the time in the world to even try doing this! :) I am jealous! those stuffs are lovely!!!

  8. I wish I can do this someday soon maybe you can launch a tutorial about this.

  9. This is a nice idea for stay at home mom like me. I wish I have the talent to do this. It is also a nice giveaway this coming holiday.

  10. Not sure if my first comment went through.. anyways.. beading is really a good business lalo na sa mga taong may tyaga.. I have high respect for beaders eh, kase ako hindi ko talaga sya kayang gawin :)

  11. Not sure if my first comment went through.. anyways.. beading is really a good business lalo na sa mga taong may tyaga.. I have high respect for beaders eh, kase ako hindi ko talaga sya kayang gawin :)


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