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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Alkaline Bio Mineral Pot, the most convenient way to live a healthy life

By the air we breathe, water is the most critical substance that individuals couldn't live without.

Despite the fact that studies demonstrated that the 80% of earth's surface is made of water, just 10 % of this is protected and might be utilized as human consumption, the rest are defiled and need to be treated well before it could be utilized safely.

<img src="waters.gif" alt="health benefits of alkaline water " />
Water is the principle wellspring of life of most living things, for example, plants and creatures, thus it is the fundamental component why a man can bear life on Earth.

Despite the fact that water is a prime necessity of the human body, it additionally has the ability to damage it. Untreated water is viewed as hazardous these days. This is the motivation behind why very nearly, every family expends an average of 500 pesos for filtered water every month

A basic figuring demonstrates that a family can expend in excess of 500,000. pesos purchasing filtered water for a lifetime.
<img src="water.gif" alt="the best alkaline water purifier " />
Alkaline Purifier

Waters Philippines gives an answer for this. Presently a family can have their water purifier which can give a most elevated class of Alkaline water. Drinking safe water is exceptionally helpful when you can have it right inside your home anytime of the day.

An arrangement of tests utilizing test packs from Merck & Waagentrade were directed for the Waters Mineral Pot and result are as takes after:

What are the benefits of drinking Alkaline water:

Taking into account proficient examination, customary drinking of soluble water will ease off the aging process. Consistent utilization of soluble aides keep up teeth, hair and bones solid. It is additionally demonstrated that alkaline water diminishes the danger of a few sorts of significant ailments connected with cell degeneration, for example, kidney issues.

A gathering of basic clients led a test for competitors. A group of bikers were isolated into two groups, before the genuine race, a group was requested to drink a bottle of alkaline water and the other one was asked to take energy drink.

After the race, the group who drank alkaline water felt well and energized until the end of the race while the other gathering likewise felt energized however has some knee agony grumbles. In light of perception, an energy drink has an excessive amount of corrosive and this brought on muscle torments while basic has an obliged ph level that is the reason it has the ability to re-hydrate without bringing on any mischief to our body.

You can have Waters Alkaline Bio Pot  thru cash, Credit Card and  Installment

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  1. My mom buys Alkaline water and have it delivered at home and she says it can get expensive but helps with their daily function because she is less tired. I'll tell her about this. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes Pauline, it is wiser to have your own akaline purifier, sure ka pa sa handling.:)

  2. Yes alkaline water is good for the skin also!

  3. We have one at home and very convenient talaga, we don't have to order from commercial water stations, malaking savings din.

  4. I heard good benefits of alkaline water. Last year we were able to experience drinking it and its benefits kasi may malapit na water purifying station dito. Unfortunately, the service became poor so we switched to another purified water outlet. :( Having your own alkaline water purifier is not a bad idea! Mas convenient, 'di ba?

    1. Thanks for commenting SJ, we used to order purified water before and we consume almost a thousand pesos/mo. including my father and sister's consumption. Now that we have our own purifier, all I have to do is to fill it with tap water then after minutes we can enjoy alkalanized/mineralized water. Ako na lang ang nagsusupply ng water sa father ko who lives with my sister near just beside our house. Kaya naka save ako ng 1000 a month sa budget.

  5. I think we have alkaline filter for our drinking water, I'm not sure if it's very effective, though. It's sad that we have so much water around as an archipelago, but our resource of water is low.

    1. yes mommy Cym, I still remember noon pag visit namin sa Quezon province very fresh ang spring water don, now hindi na ri daw safe. Nakakalungkot pero ito ang kakambal ng pag-unlad ng bansa

  6. I agree with Cym, I think the government should think of ways to filter/use the waters around Philippines ;)


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