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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Makiling Botanic Garden Inside UP Campus

Botanical Garden
Our latest nature tripping was in Makiling Botanic Garden inside UPLB campus. My family always find time to bond and visit different places in our beloved Laguna.  Makiling Botanic garden is like a hidden paradise for me. You'll find endangered plants and trees here, the students and the UPLB administrators are taking care of these trees. Every time we visit this place, we meet different people, especially students from other provinces and cities as part of their educational field trip. Funny, but never in any of my kids field trip that they included this beautiful place in our very own Laguna.
way to Makiling Botanical Garden

Since we planned for a nature tripping, we walked from Baker Hall up to Makiling Botanic Garden. The way to the place has very different ambiance, I can't explain the smell of the nature, at last I can able to breath  a very pure and very clean air. It's like a forest where you can only hear are the sounds of birds and crickets. You'll be amazed by the beautiful scene, the big trees that covers your way and protect you from the direct sunlight, the perfect landscape and the green surroundings.

We're here at last, a short time to pose at the beautiful fountain of a very cold water, very nature indeed!

Now it's time to take a short rest after a long walk. Inside the garden, there are approximately 15-20 large tables where you can enjoy your prepared food for a family picnic. It's very convenient here, just make sure you bring your own mineral water and food because this place is far from establishments.
And now, we started to explore the place, another series of walking but my kids and hubby look so excited and full of energy!

Wow!, never thought that inside this very developed place in  Laguna, there still a clean river alive. I was really amazed, I even tried to taste it and it's really pure like the old days. No wonder, because above the river is the famous Mt. Makiling which is a well maintained and preserved mountain.

You have to step in to a series of ladders here. The back ground is the shortest ladder, when you go down you'll find the long ladders that will bring you down to the river. Believe me, this place is very virgin, you'll love to spend a day here with your friends and family, only in Laguna!

Posing again, I so loved this place! Can you see the big rocks at the back? the trees give us so much comfort, saying "relax, enjoy the nature and have peace of mind".
On top of the garden, there is an overlooking view when you reach the veranda. Wish to stay more time here but we had to visit a friend after this. I wish I could upload all my pictures here but don't want to make my blog looks like a photo album lol:)

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  1. thanks for sharing Mommy Yah :)
    i want to spent my day with my fam in this place , your blog really invite me :)


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