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Monday, August 11, 2014

Important Things to Remember when Selling stuff at OLX

different designs of bed sheets
Hello Moms! Crafty Mom is here once again. I really consider sewing as a craft because it's hand-make and needs a little crafting to get done. I'm so excited to tell you my story this day. Three days ago, I got an inquiry from my post ads on Olx about my bed sheet products. Unlike previous inquiries, this one is the one that I've been waiting for, not a prank, not a spam but a serious buyer. She ordered 4 sets of single sized bed sheets plus 2 pieces flat sheet, all in all, She ordered a total of 2500. The past two days were my busiest days after a long vacation. I can't deny it, I'm so inspired to make the order since it's been a long time that I'm not receiving any orders  online and now it came in bulk! I'm so blessed indeed!  Despite of my back pain due to over excitement finishing the bed sheets, I still managed to finish the four on time and now it's ready for deliver.

I love sewing so much, aside from making money out of it, I also have a chance to enjoy doing this as a hobby. There's one more thing left for me to do, my quilting hobby from my left-over fabrics. From quilting, I've finished my colorful blanket out of my left-over fabrics, this is a very huge saving for me since I don't have to buy it from anywhere.
different designs of fabrics for bed sheet

Picking the prettiest design of fabric is my favorite part f this hobby. In my favorite fabric store, I always have a long time staring, touching and taking pictures of my picked fabric designs. I always make sure to take pictures of the prettiest designs so I could post it online for customers viewing, more choices, more chances f getting  sure buyers.

Tips In selling products online
  • Posting your products on sites like olx.com.ph, ayosdito.cm.ph is always easy, but you have to be creative in making your advertisements. Images are very important, just like in a mall, more beautiful options, more buyers. At olx, it's easy to attach pictures on ads whether it is a quality photo or not, just don't add any contact no, email or link on your photos and description and it will be approved by olx. Posting ads at ayosdito.com.ph is slightly different from olx, ayosdito reviews the photos before they approve them. So when posting products online, you should follow the rules to avoid restarting your post from scratch.
  • Payment shouldn't be full at the beginning of the deal. The right thing to do upon your payment agreement is to ask for a half deposit before the project starts. Use the deposited amount to buy all the necessary materials. This is also to avoid doubt on customer's part. After finishing the ordered products, you will then notify the customer that it's done. You can simply take pictures of the finished products and send them to your client as a proof. Payment is always ahead than delivery. Deliver only if the product is fully paid by the client. The easiest way to receive payment online is thru paypal. Paypal lets you receive and send money online without showing off your debit or credit card number,register here.
  • Always check your inbox to answer all inquiries. Don't let your customer wait,it'll always easy for them to find another supplier.
Selling at Olx is not too good to be true, so don't expect too much like you're going to be wealthy from selling products here. Maybe some have so much luck to have regular buyers but in my own experience, it comes once in a blue moon so I don't expect too much from it. I am just happy enough to experience it once and hoping to have more in the future.

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