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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Find the Cheapest Travel Accommodations Around the World

<img src="airbnb.gif" alt="Find the cheapest travel accomodation " />
Hello moms! Have you heard about Airbnb? It's the trusted and I must say, unique company which provides booking accommodation of places from around the world including different travel destinations in our beloved Philippines.

From hut, apartment, town houses, resorts, condo, castles and even places in in your wildest imagination, name it and they have it! Airbnb connects people to different unique travel destinations at any price point in more than 30,000 cities and 192 countries

I'm an adventurous person who really loves to explore. Every time I see beautiful places on the internet, I'd always tell myself that one day, I'll touch down that place. Six to twelve months from now, I want this travel wish come true and I guess, it's more becoming possible now that I've found a great company that will make this wish happen.

What if you join me while building my travel bucket wish list with Airbnb so you can experience to see the wonderful places that would absolutely enchant  your eyes and urge your desire to travel in different places at Airbnb. 

At Airbnb, you will be given a chance to experience a stay in the most unique places from around the globe that fits the range of your budget. They have partnered with over 600,000 real estate owners who listed their property to Airbnb. Another good thing about this site is you can also make money by listing your space to be one of those great 
places being offered by Airbnb.


<img src="puerto galera.gif" alt="Stay at puerto galera for only 2000 pesos per night" />
Puerto Galera Shangrilah-Ocean Over view - before going anywhere, I would choose to visit our very own beautiful Puerto Galera that's why I put it on top of  my wish list at Airbnb. Puerto Galera is one of the best tourist destinations in the Philippines, sad to say i've never been there even just once :( Booking accommodation here is 2250 php/per night and can accommodate up to  5 persons. You can click the link to visit the site. This place is the best for a family vacation or what they call "staycation" where you can spend the whole day bonding together, watching sunrise and sunset with the family plus you  have all the time to enjoy the very stunning, overlooking ocean view. 

The Beach Adventure- For only 8472 php per night or 59,665 php per week, you and your family can enjoy the beautiful place of Via Sa Conca, Puerto , Italy. I'm sure, my family would love to experience the beautiful beach, especially the experience of riding a in luxurious yacht available outside. I've been dreaming of living in Italy ever since I was a kid, if I'd be given a chance, I would probably pick this place too for our vacation and definitely it would be with no other than Airbnb booking services.

Nipa Hut Experience- When I get old, on my retirement, I always tell my husband that I want to spend the rest of my day in the province where I can enjoy the simple life away from the chaos in the City. This place is the perfect image in my imagination. I'd love to live in a wood house surrounded by trees with forest ambiance. I put this in my third wish list because I want to save the best for last and if ever I would be given a chance to live here in my remaining days, I would definitely do. This beautiful Hut is located in Malaysia. For as low as 1442 php per night where you and your partner can have private moments together.

Actually if I would be asked, I could choose as many places as I can, but I want do it at the right time and at the right situation. The above images are just some of those awesome places at Airbnb that we and our family deserve to experience, and there's a lot more to choose from that will surely satisfy your preferences. Meanwhile, I want to encourage you all readers to visit  Airbnb.com and sign-up  for your future domestic and international adventure. Make your bucket wishlist and save it for the future. And if ever you have properties that you want to promote online, you can add them to Airbnb's list so you'll earn decent amount of income.

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