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Monday, August 11, 2014

Different Costumes Designs for kids

Hello moms! If you have kids aged 3-12, you'd probably experienced searching the net to find the best costume designs for your little ones. In a school year, there are 4 occasions that requires wearing gowns or costumes and these are: Linggo ng Wika in July,  Nutrition Month in August, Holloween Party in November and Christmas costume in December. Today I'm going to share Costume ideas for different occasions and events for kids. Some of these are my own creations and some are of my fashion designer friend's origial designs.

Linggo ng Wika is is celebrated in school every month of Juky. It's not necessary to wear only baro't saya or Filipiniana but those costumes that represents different countries which have been part of our Philippine history. So whenever you see some kids wearing chinese costume,  amerikana or spanish style clothes, it's because once in Philippine history, they have been part of the Filipino culture, in fact majority of our culture comes from these countries.

Linggo ng wika Costume Designs
chinese costume for linggo ng wika
Chinese Costume
Chinese inspired costumes created by Sarah. You'll love to see your kids wearing this shiny fabrics with strong colors that would make them look so stunning among the crowd. The abaniko is added to emphasize the old culture.

Philippine Costume
Filipiniana at Baro't saya

The costumes that represent our very own culture. These Filipiniana and Baro't Saya is the best for your kids if they want to represent our very own country Philippines. Created by Sarah, these creations are one of the best costumes for Linggo ng wika celebration.

Nutrition Month is held every month of August. My kids really love this event. In their school, they see different costume designs like fish, vegetable and fruit inspired outfits and they're very entertaining for kids. I picked some interesting costume designs from Sara's creations.

costume design ideas for nutritionmonth
Papaya Costume

This papaya costume is very unique and very appropriate for the nutrition month event. It's easy to wear and very light that your little kids can carry to wear for hours.

costume design ideas for nutrition month
Fish Costume
This represents the importance of eating sea foods like fish. Your kids would love to wear this nemo inspired costume. It covers only the head so you can choose any clothes to partner to it but make sure the colors will blend.

costume design ideas for nutrition month
ampalaya and egg costume

Ampalaya and egg, these two represent the most nutritional food that we should teach our kids to eat. These two are one of the best ideas for kids to wear during their Nutrition Day event

Holloween Party- During November, this event is being celebrated in some schools. My kids enjoyed attending the event especially the parade where all kids in scary costumes and make-ups will be walking in the middle of the road. 

This witch costume is my own craft. I made it using recycled clothes. I used old skirt for this gown and I bought the hat form Pandayan store.

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