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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Blogger Mom's Summer 2014 Giveaways!!!

Hello Mommies! It's been a week since my MomBloggersClub have been approved. I love joining different clubs of my interest because it helps me expand my experience as a blogger. It took a while before my application gets approval by MomBoggersClub admin so I'm so thankful that finally I belong to this elite group for blogger moms. While waiting for my network to grow, I tried clicking each page to get familiarized myself. Upon browsing, I reached this group of moms who conducts contest and giveaways. To start my journey with the group, I joined a contest called Summer Giveaways 2014

Obviously it's not summer here in the Philippines but in other parts of world, it is! These blogger moms on the picture developed this very exciting contest for bloggers. I've found it so exiting especially the pay pal cash price worth 175USD. To make the story short, I joined the contest and start following the mechanics. I'm lucky to have accounts from different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tmbler, Google+ and Instagram cause those are the main tools to have numbers of entries in the said contest. 

To have an entry, I had to like or follow given sites or fan pages, I found it so easy to follow so I continued doing the task. I'm sure, you too will enjoy clicking and liking different sites for you will discover amazing people whom you can get ideas and inspiration. I loved all my followed sites, I'm sure, I will be reading all their posts in the future. It's like hitting two birds in one stone; I'm able to send entries while exploring and learning from these extra ordinary people. Now I realized that it's not just about winning the contest, most importantly, it's about having friends, knowledge and expanded environment. 

I captured a portion of the form where you can send numbers of entries. Those grayed columns are my finished entries, the rest are undone. Meanwhile, I'm working on this blog to get 3 entries. It's my choice to write a blog about this contest because I really love sharing good things through my blogs and I consider this contest as one.

To make it easy for you to join this contest and other exciting contests as well, it's better to join MomBoggersClub and look for "contests and giveaways" group. There are lots of contests and giveaways waiting for you at MomBloggersClub! Click the link and start to discover the wonderful world of MomBloggersClub! This is it for now, I have 5 more entries to finish at Summer 2014 Giveaway, come and join me!

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