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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Another Craft Business Ideas for Moms

Aside from blogging,I also have other sources of income. Since I can't depend on the earnings of my blogs from advertisers, I still want more. Blogging is not a full time task, I just need an hour a day to maintain it, so I still have a lot of free time left in  a day and none of these would be wasted because I  my have my sewing machine.

I am not a sewer by profession, I don't even have formal training in sewing. But I love sewing so much, the desire to fabricate clothes comes from the heart. They say it's given and comes out naturally as a talent. Before it was just a hobby, I used to make dresses for my girls as well as shorts and skirts.Then after realizing it, I'm beginning to deeply learn more about sewing, until I found my self enjoying, making different fabric products and selling them online. This is why knowledge about craftng is very important, it serves as a tool to use in your everyday life and if you prefer to enter a craft business.

At first,I just posted my finished product photos of my kid's dresses at sulit.com, now olx.com. Then inquiries came flowing into my inbox. I learned to deal online, got familiarized with the flow of online selling. Although not all inquiries are from serious clients, most of them are spam but I still had successful deals online. Selling online is one of my sources of extra income, I just had to monitor my email inbox to respond to inquiries regularly and quickly
<img src="fabrics.gif" alt=" business online selling" />
I'm just  lucky to have aspiring models in the house so I saved a lot in paying models to wear my finished products. The dresses are my own designs, I made them for my two little girls. The pajamas are customer's order,I just posted them here to show some supporting images for this post. I even made that pot holder and sale it for 20php/pc. The best seller among my products is the bed sheet and pillow cases set.Why? because I sell the most affordable bed sheet set in town plus the wide range of fabrics choices.

Shorts are very easy to make. I just prepared a carton pattern so I would have a standard size for all ages. What's so good about my hobby is I can save a lot of money for my kid's dress and shorts, I saved for my bed sheets and rags and at the same time I can do some business out of it.

fabrics(tela) for sale
Aside from selling finished products, I also sell plain, virgin fabrics. Most of my customers are tailors,sewers and shops. I get whole sale products from a big fabric store near by. I didn't have to stock fabrics, all i have to do is to have a file of sample photos of fabrics in my computer so if anyone asks for a sample, I could immediately email them some. The most important thing you have to do in selling products online is that you have to respond to inquiries immediately they'll stay and wait until you close and finish the deal.

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