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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A tour to Rizal Shrine

I asked my 5 year old daughter on her birthday "baby, how would you like to spend your birthday?" she replied: " I just wanna go to Gat Jose Rizal's house". This is because I taught her about the greatness of our National hero, she became an avid fan. Ever since then, she started researching about Jose Rizal. And on her birthday, all she wanted is to visit the house of her idol which is only 4 kilometers away. Why not my dear? We would have a tour to the house of our hero on your birthday! And she jumped, shouted for joy, how happy she was!
Rizal Shrine
Captured! the big ancestral  home of Rizal family, too big to capture the entire house. I really admire the old, Spanish design of this house, so happy that the government allots budget to maintain historical sites like this. My kids were so happy that finally they stepped on a great man's house, now all of their questions were answered.
Rizal's Play House
At the back is the replica of  Pepe (Jose Rizal) and her sisters' nipa hut. This was their play house and the place where they study. We're so happy to see every detail of this historical place. It seems that we're back in his time, we can imagine that Rizal is just playing around in this big back yard.

Rizal shrine's replica
Looks so real isn't it? This is a replica of Rizal's Shrine, it is displayed on the corner of the hall way going to museum.

One more shot, of course with us this time:)
The Ternos of Rizal

My hubby is the no. 1 fan so he wouldn't let it pass without a solo picture.

And because you asked for it, we're here baby! the dining room of Rizal Family.

Rizal's kitchen

The famous historical kitchen. I really believe that they're all real and genuine antique but many people say that some of them are just replicas. This is done to protect the real things that's been part of our Philippine history.

You can also find the old book of Rizal at the museum plus the other important things that his family uses in their everyday life while at Calamba. Seeing the house made me believe that Rizal's family is not an ordinary one. From the house, the furniture, the things they had, I must say that they belong to "alta sociedad".

I would love to go there once again in the future and take our after shots. It's really "in"to have a before and after photos in FB nowadays. I just wish I could still carry my kids so it will be done perfectly.

The Rizal Shrine only here in Laguna!

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