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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

This Blogger Mom is a Trying Hard Logo Designer

Hello moms! Did you like crafty mom's new logo? I hope you did cause I made it myself, with love! I am the type of person who wants to personalize everything. I've wanted a logo of a blogger mom and I wanted to put it on my header. It's too expensive to hire a logo designer so I tried to make it my self. Making this logo occupied my entire day but, it all pays off cause I got what I really want it to be. Take a closer look, I'm sorry for the flaws, I'm really not good in cropping curved images but  I'm so proud of what I created.

A mom with a "not so small nose" and a big mole above the left eye brow is obviously me and my little girl Viel sitting on my lap holding a feeding bottle. That image happens in my everyday blogging career, I'm a blogger mom all the time, these two tasks are my well-loved career. This is my inspiration in finding the best logo for my blog and I came up with this.

How this Logo created

First, I made a sketch on a bond paper using a pencil then I took a capture of it. See the image above?, I sketched it barely with my hands. I don't know anything about Adobe photo Shop so I used Windows Paint tool. I edited this captured sketch using Windows Paint by drawing putting a lining. Then I started to put different color in it. I love pink, pink is the main color of my blog so I made my dress in the logo a pure pink one. I want my blog theme to be strong and easy to remember so I added strong yellow for my daughter's clothes. After several hours of painting colors of each detail, I have created my very own personalized blogger mom logo. It was a tiring one, but I really enjoyed making my logo for the first time.

I love learning different things. Everyday I make it sure that I have new discoveries. Making this logo is something new to me, this is my first ever self designed logo! I guess it would be the start of my new career, a little bit more patience and practice and I can do it perfectly. Like what I always believe, if you love what you are doing, then you can always do it right! Till next time moms! 

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