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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Simple Steps To Follow In Expanding Your Blog Community

My Newbie Days In Blogging Industry
I've been blogging since 2008, I blog about DIY, recycling, crafts and arts like what my domain name tells. My eight years writing in the same niche made my blogging experience dull and boring. I've run out of ideas to write and I even came to a point that I gave up for quite sometime. Although I was earning a bit amount from my advertisers, it's not enough to inspire me to continue my blogging career. Way back in 2011, I stopped visiting my blog for almost 2 years. When I accessed it again, it was so surprising to know that after a long time of rest, my blog is still having regular visitors and my Chitika ads is still gaining clicks. From that moment, I decided to push my blogging career but a little different this time.

Have Your Own Identity, Get your own Domain Name 
Namecheap.comPart of my blog modification, I bought my domain at NameCheap which I'm using in this blog. NameCheap offers the cheapest and most affordable domains for as low as 3.98 USD per year. Branding my blog gives it credibility and people can easily remember my url address because of it. Upon checking my analytics, my site's visitors also used my domain name www.craftymomideas.comin key word search to find my blog. I'm so thankful that finally I've made the most effective move to expand my community. After changing my domain name, I also added more topics that corresponds with it. From DIY recycling blog, I was able to divert my blog of the same targeted niche with the more expanded topics. Now, I am blogging about product reviews, current events, parenting, child care and of course, I retained the main topic which is DIY arts and crafts. In writing each topic, I always make sure that the heart of a mom will never be missed in each article I write, this is my main goal; to write quality and informative blog in which each content will express myself being a Blogger Mom.

Join Different Social Networking Sites   
I know I may sound redundant here but this suggestion is still one of the most effective way to be known and acknowledged as a serious blogger. Sharing my content with different social media sites really helps a lot in promoting my content. I regularly share all my new articles at Twitter,  Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Bloglovin and Instagram. It should not stop in finishing your articles, it has to have a final touch up which is spreading the world that you release a new one. You don't have to keep it in a closed-door where only few people will try to knock to read it. I am referring to unique visitors from search engines like google and yahoo wherein competition is very closed.

Join Other Bloggers Community and Clubs
After establishing my domain and make people remember my site through an easy to remember and proper domain name, I started to expand more through joining different blogger clubs and organizations. There are lots of blogger community which will help you discover and be discovered. Being a blogger my, my interest is to find community with the same niche as mine, so when finding clubs or organization, this thing is on top of my qualifications.

Mommy Bloggers Philippines
Mommy Bloggers Philippines is my latest joined club yet on top of my list. Being a Filipina Blogger, I always find inspiration from my co-Pinay bloggers. This is why I searched the internet for a club designed for Pinay Mom Bloggers like me and I'm so lucky to find this club which really makes an effort to unite mommy bloggers in the Philippines. Mommy Lanie (the admit) is really a brilliant blogger mom who uses her connections to create and share different activities, programs and contests for its members which are all helpful for blogger moms to create new content with a purpose. Another good thing in this club is you'll never find any single spam information in their fan page. The admin really makes an effort to filter and choose only the reliable and real informative posts, this is why all posts will be temporarily in a pending status before it will be posted on their fan page.

Just Click To Send A Vote For Us @ Top Mommy Blogs Top Mommy Blogs is considered to be an elite group for blogger moms.  Joining in this site will let you know your blogs actual ranking in its category. Your friends can vote you to be on the top rank by clicking on the badge that you will embed in your site.  If your site placed on the top 25 blogs, your site will be displayed on topmommyblogs.com which means additional quality back links. You can also find more blogs similar to your topic so you could learn some tips and ideas from them. If you find blog ranking is interesting, you can also try to join topblogs.com and weblogs.com to see your blog's rank and performance.

Mom bloggers Club has over 20,000 mommy blogger members from different parts of the globe. This club for mommy bloggers is another one of the best club for you to expand your community. Here, you can find different programs, groups and activities. You can also start your own group and build your own circle of friends. I already joined more than 5 groups here, and my favorite is the "contest and giveaways" group. I love joining different contests where I can write a blog to enter a contest and win exciting prizes.

Influential Social Media Mom Blog Community
Similar to Mom Bloggers Club, its members came from different parts of the globe. The advantage of joining this site is you can explore and expand to other countries. At Bloggy Moms, you can have access to different groups of your choice and make friends with other blogger moms. The "follow each other" group is one of the easiest way to gain more followers from different social media sites. Like Mom Bloggers, this club offers different contests and giveaways for all its members.

I saved the best for last! My most favorite bloggers community; Nuffnang Philippines, the first ever "blogvertising" community for bloggers. I've been in Nuffnang for almost four years now. I can say that Nuffnang never failed of giving me products to advertise. Although I receive just a little earnings from them compared to my other advertisers, I still consider Nuffnang as one of the best community for bloggers. Nuffnang regularly creates contest and giveaways for bloggers with partnerships to different brands and I'm lucky to have won some of them :) The good thing about blogvertising is that you wouldn't be running out of ideas to write. Advertisers conduct a blog contest with a given topic, all you have to do is write creative article about the given topic and you're hitting to birds in one stone; you have a topic to write, and you have a blog entry for the contest.

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