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Monday, July 7, 2014

Now, I'm Trying To Be A Web designer

Hello Moms! I guess you already noticed the big changes in my blog, It's all about purple these days! Well, maybe I got so used to that plain, boring color of my old design, so I tried to play with it na lang habang walang pasok ang kids. Yeah, I'm trying to be a super mom once again, a blogger super mom actually! Have  you read my blog about my being a super mom? if not, you can always visit here Wanna Know the Secret of a Super Mom? that post won a prize from Kit-Kat;
A free movie screening of Transformers 4D movie plus snack for two and freebies from Kit-Kat, so sad that I wasn't able to make it and I regret to have missed that very rare treat :(,  anyway, I mentioned about being a super blogger mom, well I finished making my own logo for the first time, read the story here This Blogger Mom is also a Trying Hard Logo Designer and now I'm pretending to be a web designer, a trying hard web designer lol!:)

I am running a blogger platform even though I have my own domain, it's too expensive naman kasi to maintain these two, web host and domain host so for the mean time, while waiting for my traffic to grow, I chose to stick with Blogger Platform. At first, I thought that blogger can only offer ready templates, which are very amateur looking. But I'm not saying that they're no good, I only want something different, and something like "PRO" level. So  I tried to make pakialam the advanced setting of my template and chose the perfect color that corresponds and blends with my self made logo, I'm so kuripot talaga for not hiring a web and logo designer hehe. E kasi naman for me, I can practice to make things perfect...in time, so while I'm enjoying discovering my hidden talent, I'm able to make it on my own with personal touch pa diba?

So here it goes....in case you wanna learn :)

From your blogger dashboard click "Design", then "Template" then "Customize"

Now Click "Advanced" and it will tour you to different customizations of your template.

And now you can edit every detail of your template from the background, widths, lay out, text and so on...

Did you notice my images? I did not use a screen shot tool here, I have no luck in using it kasi sometimes blurd and most often hindi talaga macapture yung gusto kong i-capture. Are you guys familiar in Windows Snipping Tool? For us bloggers, we really need this tool for our supporting images. You can find this tool by clicking "Start, All Programs, under "accessories". It's so easy to use, all you have to do is click the snipping tool icon then when the screen becomes gray, you can now crop the portion you want to capture.

I also added the "related post widget at the bottom of my every post plus the numbered pages and it looks like this.

 I'm so blessed for having such a long patience in researching and I've found this very good site who offers free tutorial and free codes for different widgets, tools, and designs of blogs, find it here http://helplogger.blogspot.ro/. It's a very simple site, it doesn't even have it's own domain, but you'll be amazed with what this site can offer to bloggers who doesn't have much knowledge in web designing, and oooppps, this is not a paid site review huh!, this is just my way of thanking the site owner for the help I've received from visiting their site. So guys, if you also want to explore and expand your blogging experience, try also some technical tasks by playing with your blog designs. There are lots of them on the internet; sites that offers free help and tutorial in web designing. That's all for now, and have a blessed Monday guys!

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